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As we enter the spring of 2015, we are excited about the new energies that are surrounding us with hope and renewal. Time is definitely shifting, expanding and contracting at faster and faster rates. This shifting can be a cause of great joy or conversely, great concern. It is an opportunity to redefine oneself and grow.

Derek O’Neill talks about the need for all of us to quit giving lip service to the teachings (ancient wisdom) and to start applying them. For myself, it took a lot of trial and error to understand what it actually means to “apply the teachings.” I have heard people proclaim that they are applying the teachings and then complain about their spouse/lack of spouse, clients/lack of clients, job/lack of job, friends/lack of friends and other topics.

I am no expert what that term “applying the teachings” means, but I believe I have found some of the steps to applying the teachings. The warning signs that I am “not applying the teachings” include dissatisfaction, loneliness, anxiety, fear, boredom, resentment, jealousy, shame, blame and guilt. The teachings help us heal these experiences so that they don’t have to be repeated. Some of the steps of “applying the teachings” are as follows:

(1)           Quit blaming anyone for your circumstances. We are the creator of our reality. Since we created it, we can change it.

(2)           Quit talking about our “dysfunctional” childhood. There is no such thing as a “dysfunctional” family. After all, our families got us here, didn’t they? If we even think that word we are in victim consciousness.

(3)           If someone has abused or hurt us, thank them. If we are up to it, we might even forgive them.

(4)           Don’t talk about others unless we are praising them. When we gossip, that is rejecting the teachings.

(5)           Keep a journal of all the people we have served on a daily basis. If we have any days that we don’t serve someone, be sure to do it the next day.

(6)           Remember that people who upset or hurt us were brought by us into our life for our enlightenment. This is especially true for “spiritual” friends and family.

(7)           Are we thinking negative thoughts or positive thoughts? What we think creates our reality. Be aware that we have at least 64,000 thoughts per day, and that they usually fall into two categories: thoughts of attachment and aversion. If you have a negative thought, simply say to yourself, “Cancel, I send love.” This will erase the Karma created by the negative thought.

(8)           Keep our eyes on our teacher and do our duty.  All will be well if we remember that one teaching.

(9)           Stop expecting rewards for our actions. What we get in life is the result of our actions (karma) sometimes lifetimes in the past. We are sowing the seeds of our future at any given moment. Happy seeds grow much better than angry or fearful seeds. There is no such thing as instant gratification.

(10)        Forget about “speaking our truth” and “standing in our power.”  Oftentimes that is just a disguise for insisting on being right and arrogance.  Be humble, forgiving and kind.

(11)        Above all, service, service, service.

As we go into this landmark year, make it the best year of our life! Some days will be better than others, and our application of the teachings is sometimes better one day than others. That is what makes life so exciting, don’t you think?

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