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         I have been teaching people all over the world for almost twelve years about all sorts of magic. The magic of healing, the magic of prayer, the magic of focused thought. One of the most popular teachings, which I have given over the years, is one of the most simple, yet effective, magic words.  That word is WOW! There are several reasons why I believe it is one of the original magic words on the planet.

         First, every language recognizes this word. It does not have a translation in any language. It means the same thing in every language, the expression of wonder and amazement. Children use the word, adults use the word, and everyone uses the word. It may be the only word in the world that is universally recognized anywhere you go. The only other words that come close are Momma and Poppa. These are words that are the first to be uttered by humans.

         Second, it has the same effect on everyone who hears it. Imagine walking down the street and hearing someone yelling “WOW!!” It makes you stop, look and wonder about what is making that person say “WOW!”  It changes the energy of whatever is happening in the vicinity of the sound to one of childlike wonder. Try it sometime in a tense situation. When you say “WOW!” all of the tension dissipates and everyone feels better. MAGIC!

         I teach people to say “WOW!” whenever they need to detach from an emotion or a situation. Imagine that you are looking at all of your bills and you have no plan on how to pay them all. If you say “WOW!” it changes the emotion and feeling of the moment. If you go farther, and say “WOW, I am really overspending!” it allows you to disconnect from guilt and shame and start looking for solutions.

         If you are overwhelmed, one of the best ways to get grounded and looking for solutions is simply to say “WOW!” If you say “WOW, I need to change,” you will change. Suppose you are really angry at someone, if you say “WOW, I am really angry at that person,” the anger will go away. If you are feeling guilty about something you have done, if you say “WOW, I am feeling really guilty about this!” the guilt will go away.

         What the word does is give you space to detach and reconnect with your higher self, your divine self. If you are afraid, that blocks you from connecting from your divine self. You can’t do it if you are trapped in the fear. If you say “WOW!” you can detach from the feelings of fear and find a solution, or at least detach from the fear long enough to get grounded.

         I oftentimes play a mental game called “the worst case scenario.” In that game my ego/mind likes to think of the worst things that can happen in any given situation, especially the situations over which I have no control. I can get down right depressed if I obsessively and compulsively focus on all of the terrible things that could happen. When I catch myself playing this game, I say “WOW, I am playing the worst case scenario game again!” When I say “WOW” I can reboot my mind and start thinking that everything is perfect and I can’t wait to see how the universe deals with this situation. I actually am able to start feeling grateful for the opportunity to let God/Universe surprise me with a solution that I could never think of in a lifetime.

         Therefore, given the fact that saying the word “WOW” can change my perspective, my attitude, and get me back on a positive life track, I believe “WOW” is one of the most powerful words in the world. Try it the next time you are afraid, guilty or overwhelmed. I would love to hear if “WOW” creates the same magic in your life that it does in mine!

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