Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


           As we travel along our various paths to divinity, many people want to know how to develop their psychic skills and intuition. There are many theories about how to do this, you can even spend a lot of money going to psychic workshops and energy classes which advertise that you can instantly become psychic. The truth is that we are all psychic, we are constantly communicating with each other subliminally. The trick is how to cut through all of the mind chatter which drowns out our intuitive messages that we are constantly hearing through our subconscious.

First, you have to believe that you have the ability to be psychic and that you are being guided at all times. When we doubt our abilities we are telling the universe that we don’t want to be guided, that we are afraid, and that we would rather rely on our logical ego mind. How many times have you had the “feeling” that you should do something but rejected it because you couldn’t see the outcome or felt that it didn’t make any sense? This is your mind telling you not to trust your psychic abilities and only rely on logic and what you know. Our psychic abilities often are outside of what we “know” and we have to trust in that gut feeling or intuition to expand our lives and consciousness.

Similarly, we have to listen. This means getting still and calming the mind chatter which fills our heads and distracts us from our hearts. Meditation is very good for this, as well as walking in nature and noticing everything that is around you. Nature has its own way of quieting our minds and allowing us to hear messages and intuitions that are constantly playing under the surface. Watch flowing water and allow the sounds of the water to wash away our chatter even if it is only for a few minutes. You can get one of those recycling fountains to put in your office or home to allow you to still your mind and listen to your intuition.

Resentment and grudges are guaranteed to have you stuck in your ego mind and cut off the flow of information from the divine and the universe. Whatever we resent or resist is an illusion. We don’t remember events, we remember the last memory we had of the event. This can be far different from what actually happened over time so it truly is an illusion that our mind creates to keep us distracted from our connection to the divine. The ego mind is deathly afraid of letting go of its control over us and will do everything to prevent us from relying on our psychic abilities. This includes making you think that this blog is ridiculous and a fairy tale. Whatever we resent or resist must be released into the divine. We can’t do anything about it anyway, so let the divine take care of it.

Fear also cuts off our ability to hear the subconscious messages we are receiving from the divine. Fear and love can’t coexist at the same time, so we have go into our heart and look at the world through heaven’s eyes. When we allow love to consume us, we only are concerned about helping others. Our perceived problems block our psychic abilities so we have to make a choice whether to develop our psychic abilities or be drowned in fear. Ninety percent of what we worry about never happens, so we can instantly let go of ninety percent of our anxiety by simply realizing that it is a waste of time. Let it go, let it go.

Send out positive vibrations into the universe. We are all antennaes for divine love and support. When we are positive, grateful and full of joy we are telling the universe to send us the means to be happy and abundant. The problem with most “secret” methodologies for attracting wealth is that the message being sent is one of lack. So be happy with what you have and the universe will send you messages on how to have more of that happiness.

Pay attention. Many times we have random thoughts which have nothing to do with the matters at hand and these are messages which we ignore. When you get these thoughts, write them down and return to them later. It is truly surprising what you may discover when you get calm and relaxed and then reread the message. It may make total sense later.

You can use tools. Many tools such as cards, scryvening mirrors, message boards or even the famous “8 ball”  can be quite helpful in cutting through the “veil” which seperates the ego mind from our intuition. These messages come through in unlimited ways, we just have to open our minds and hearts to receive them. Enlightenment comes from every angle.