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           God give me the strength to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. This prayer has helped millions of people find peace and sobriety while they change their life from hell to heaven. It also brings people to a place of patience and calm, which is noticeably lacking from anyone who finds themselves out of control and unwell. I have always said that: “God has a sh*tty way of teaching patience”. There are three answers to any prayer, “yes”, “no” and “wait”. It is the “wait” that most people struggle with because it usually triggers their issues about faith and trust.

In contemplating my issues with patience, I came to the realization that patience is similar to the concept of forgiveness because it is only needed when we have a misunderstanding of the nature of the world and our place in it. We are told that we need to forgive people who have hurt us or who have not behaved the way we wanted. The concept of forgiveness is healing; however, like patience, it is based on the misconception that something is wrong. With forgiveness the misconception is that we are victims and something has happened to us. In fact, with a higher perspective and understanding we know that whatever happened was for our benefit and the result of our karma being cleared. When we sit in this higher consciousness we do not need to forgive, we actually are filled with gratitude for the experience

The same is true with patience. We want what we want when we want it. When we are playing God, and things don’t happen on our time, we become impatient, feel victimized and suffer. We can go into feelings of unworthiness, un-lovability, and lack of self-worth.  We beat ourselves up because we think that everything should happen at once and we feel we have done something to prevent what we want from manifesting. The antidote from our gurus and seminar leaders is patience. The other belief system (BS) of current spiritual thinking is that we are “blocking” the manifestation of our desires. I think this misses the mark. If we realize that everything happens with divine timing, and will only happen if it is in our highest and best good, we can transcend the issue entirely and be at peace with whatever is happening in our life.

I have been told that I have a whole army of angels and spirit guides working for me to make sure I don’t self-destruct or get something I want that is really bad for me. I have spent a lifetime wanting to manifest something different in my life or afraid that I will lose something important to me. It all is an illusion and a “programming error” in my thought processes and belief systems. When I meditate and become still, I can see that I do not need anything, I do not want anything, I am happy with what I have, what I will have, and what I will never have. This is sometimes difficult to bring with me when I come back down to Earth, and my “human-ness” comes back into play. So my job, when I choose to accept it, is to let go of all of the thoughts that I do not have what I want.

It is said that happiness is wanting what I have. I think that needs to include “not wanting what I don’t have.” When I come to a place where I can honestly feel that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing, and being exactly who I am supposed to be, I don’t need patience. I have everything. I don’t have everything. I am everything.

This brings into play the most fundamental “programming error” that we face, that we are separate and need something. The teaching that all prophets and saints have come to teach us is that we are one with everything and we are not separate from anything. The closer we get to that notion, the happier we can be and let go of the whole illusion of time. When we have faith and trust that everything is happening for our greater good, that we are following a divine plan whether we want to or not, we do not need patience. We are too busy appreciating all of the wonderful and exciting things that happen for us on a day-to-day basis.

So I hope that we all can go deeper into an understanding of why we don’t need forgiveness or patience. It is all an illusion and based on Belief Systems (BS) that no longer works. We need to focus more on gratitude and appreciation for the gift of life and the love we feel for all beings. Then we will be enlightened.

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