Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


            Roughly 775 people a day have a near death experience in the United States alone. A near death experience (NDE) is when someone loses consciousness, has an out of body experience or has an after life experience. It often involves clinical death or loss of life and resuscitation. Many times people report experiences of heaven, hell, angels, god, spirit guides or the like. Surveys and statistics have established that roughly 5% of the population goes through this sort of rite of passage. So be aware that when you pick up that book in the book store claiming some special message from heaven is waiting for you written by someone who has survived a NDE, well welcome to the club.

What is that message anyway? If you look at all of the books written by people who have survived an NDE, there are some common themes. First, people should not worry, because the worst that can happen is total bliss. After all the drama and pain of dying, we are promised joy, peace and comfort on an unlimited scale. It all reminds me of a good meditation when I can reach Samadhi and be still and connect with God. You can read books written by Harvard neurologists, housewives, spiritual gurus and everyone else and they say the same thing: be happy because everything else is a waste of time.

So why do we have to die to get this message?

I have to be a bit of a pessimist here and say something that many mainstream doctors say. That is, no one has ever really died and come back (there is a three day rule which means that both Lazarus and Jesus were only dead three days). They nearly died, but not really died. Who is to say who dies and who doesn’t? I have fallen off a four-story building and saw angels who talked to me. I have been hit in the head with a bat and talked to Buddha, Jesus and Sai Baba. And here I am. I did not die permanently. Maybe I just thought I did.  It certainly felt like it.  Was it a NDE, who knows?

I am so happy that everyone else had to have a cardiac event, massive brain trauma, induced comas, etc. etc. to find Samadhi. Me, I would rather meditate. The headaches and body aches of NDE are too much trouble. So why die? Why not find another way to find that peace, love, calm and other benefits of NDEs? Look at it this way; some people have to go through real pain to learn peace and bliss. Others don’t. Really smart people learn from other people’s pain. So do you really have to go through a NDE to benefit from what they went through? Of course not. And please don’t.

The truth is that there are worse things than NDE to bring you to Samadhi. Incest, sexual abuse, physical abuse, disease and violence will take you to the same place if you survive.  Karma is an unforgiving teacher. Only divine grace can help you rise above your destiny. However, we can learn from others and you are able to understand the same lessons that NDE survivors report. It is all about happiness and joy. Nothing else matters.

Here is a simple meditation to take you through what everyone else reports as the NDE path. Having lost consciousness and being beaten in the head gives me the confidence that this is pretty close to what all the NDEs experience.

So, lie down on the floor. This is called the Shavasana pose in yoga. Lie totally flat, without any pillows or support. You are supposed to be dead, by the way. Take some really deep breaths, because when you do this and get really relaxed your body will think it is dead and you have to remember to breathe. Now here is the glorious part. While you are relaxed and feel every part of your body touch the ground, imagine what it will be like to be really dead. Imagine all of your friends and family around you saying nice things about you. See all of your family that loves you grieving. See doctors and lawyers circling around you like they always do. Feel a great sense of relief. You don’t have to deal with this 3D (physical) world anymore. You are a spirit, an angel, a perfect being of God that is immortal. Have that last review that you have heard about. What is it you need to know? Remember all that you need to remember and learn what you need to learn. Detach from your body and your thoughts. Who are you now? When you understand who you really are, you are immortal. Nothing can touch you. You are happy and will always be happy. You don’t have to have an induced coma to understand this. You don’t have to incur hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills to understand this. You are immortal.

Think of this. If you really were immortal, what difference would that make? Would you really care if someone disappointed you? Would you really care if someone cheated on you? Would you understand that the same acting group was playing out this whole drama that you call your life over and over again until you understood that death was an illusion? Welcome back.