Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson

The Secrets to Eating Healthy

There are two different ways to approach a healthy lifestyle and wellness. One is what you eat, and the other is how you eat it. There are lots of articles, workshops, books and websites devoted to what you eat. There isn’t so much on how to eat. I thought I would list some principles to eating well:

1.     Never deprive yourself. A little bit of fun will keep you happy and healthy. Where we get in trouble is eating lots and lots of sugar, gluten, dairy and processed foods. When in doubt, just a tablespoon is enough.


2.     Respect the sacredness of food. Eat the best in modest quantities. What do you think about when you are eating? The first bite should be for God. The second bite should be for others. The third bite should be for yourself. Then repeat.


3.     Kitchen magic. What do you think about when you cook? Are you thinking thoughts of gratitude and love or are you thinking about resentments and negative thoughts. Your food tastes much better and is much more palatable if you think about love and gratitude as you make it.


4.     Always sit when eating. Take the time to enjoy your meal. We don’t take the time to honor our bodies by sitting at a table.


5.     Put down that fork between each bite. It will slow you down and allow you to become satisfied before the food runs out.


6.     If it is in a box don’t eat it. Eat local, fresh unprocessed foods (okay this is about what you eat)


7.     Balance from meal to meal. If you have a cheat meal, make the next one light.


8.     Quality always. Don’t settle for cheap food. You are worth it.


9.     Eat regularly. Eat about every four to five hours.


10.  Don’t snack. You will enjoy your meals more.


11.  Chew 50 times. You need to liquefy your food before it enters your stomach. Your stomach and intestines don’t have teeth. If you notice pieces of food in your toilet, you didn’t chew enough.



12.  Love your food. Whether you made it or a restaurant made it, notice the taste, smell, texture and appearance of your food. All of that is a part of nutrition. Think loving thoughts while you eat. You will enjoy the food more and eat less.


13.  Presentation counts. Don’t slop your food on your plate. Take the time to make it a piece of art. Your body will thank you for it.


14.  Be present. What do you think about when you eat? Are you stressed? Relax at least for the time you are eating.


15.  Share. Food is love. When you can eat with a friend or companions, enjoy their company as much as the food. Companionship is just as nutritious as couscous.


16.  Dessert is okay. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Just only eat a spoonful. Or two.


17.  Portion control. Most nutritionists complain about the portion size of the average American meal. I have been to restaurants where the individual servings could feed a family of four. Despite how your parents trained you, you don’t have to eat everything on your plate. There are always leftovers.


18.  Fermented food. Fermented food helps balance your digestion and replace flora (good bacteria) in your system. Yogurt, kefir, vinegar and other fermented foods are really good for your digestion.


19.  Water. Drinking water decreases appetite. Many times we think we are hungry when we are really thirsty. It is best not to drink water while we are eating because it dilutes the stomach acids and enzymes in our digestive tract. Drink it after the meal.


20.  Berries, greens, lemon water and a bit of chocolate will make you younger. Try it!