Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


I noticed on Facebook that someone posted a statement that “it is okay not to be perfect.” I  responded by saying that everyone is perfect, for which I was told “that is your ego talking.” To me, this is a fundamental misconception that guarantees suffering for anyone that believes that we are not perfect. In order to believe that you are imperfect, there is implicit in that belief that we are flawed and somehow have not lived up to some standard. Therefore the creative forces in the universe have created something that is flawed and subconsciously you believe God is failed.

On the other hand, if you believe that everything is perfect, you can believe that the creative forces of the universe know what they are doing and have not failed, creating perfection in all of its various manifestations. If you believe that you are perfect, then you cannot fall into one of the greatest traps of the ego, victimhood. God has not failed when it creates beings that many may believe are imperfect.

To judge something as imperfect, you have to compare it to something else. Otherwise, how would you know something was flawed? When we compare beings or things to someone or something else, we are engaged in judgment and ego. You can’t judge something without engaging the ego. When we want to make ourselves okay with being imperfect, we still are engaging the ego. It is the ego telling us it is okay to be in the ego.

I look at this whole debate as nonsense. Another way of looking at it is that perfection is the perspective of the heart while imperfection is the perspective of the mind. When we look at the world through our hearts, with love, we see nothing wrong, imperfect or flawed. When we look at someone through the heart, we can only love that person and not see anything but God manifested. On the other hand, when we look at the world with the mind, we engage the ego and created suffering. All we can see are flaws. If you see imperfection in the world, you are looking at it through your mind. When you see perfection, you are looking at it through your heart.

The bottom line is whether your perception of the world brings you happiness or not. If you can look at the world and be happy, I suspect that you are looking at it more through the heart than through the mind. I am sure that there are a lot of minds that would debate that point. That is what minds do: debate, argue, attack, criticize and suffer. Hearts don’t care, hearts just love.

I challenge anyone that believes that they are imperfect to simply look at themselves with love and compassion and then decide whether they are imperfect or not. The highest teaching of all is that we manifest our reality to become enlightened. Who are we to say that any manifestation is not perfect? If we do not like something, that is our mind and egos at work. To say something or someone is not perfect, including ourself, approaches arrogance. Who are we to say that anything God has created or we have manifested is not perfect? To do so implies that we know better than God. I wouldn’t want to explain that one when the time comes.

It is easy to accept that we are not perfect. It is more important to accept that we are perfect. When we accept our perfection, we get out of our mind and ego and into our hearts. If more people would get into their hearts, imagine what the world could be.  However, here is the rub: the belief that something is perfect or imperfect is just a belief. If we could eliminate beliefs, then people or things could just be what they are. Whether we are perfect or imperfect is totally irrelevant. Those are just words and labels. When we can accept something as it is, without judgment or label, then we can experience bliss.