Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson

Love X 3

I have a print on my wall that says “Love Love Love”. There is a deeper reason for that; it is a mantra I was taught by a very conscious being, Derek O’Neill from Ireland. He always signs his correspondence “LLL, Derek”. Another deeper reason is that we live in a multidimensional universe. We have dimensions of time, space, mentality, spirituality, emotionality, and physicality. We also have dimensions of consciousness, sub consciousness, super consciousness and many others I am discovering. So how does Love Love Love fit into this?

There is a matrix that exists in all of our lives. There is past, present and future. There is physical, mental and emotional. There is the third dimension, the fourth dimension and higher dimensions. I spent over a year studying multidimensional systems including 144 dimensional matrices. On a global scale, when we construct a matrix for the planet, there are millions of decisions that have to be made to create this construct. Wow.

So when my teacher says “Love Love Love” it means something different to me based on this global matrix parameter. The first triad is past, present and future. So what does it mean to love the past, love the present, love the future?  First, I have to understand that loving my past means knowing that everything was for my benefit. Whatever I experienced as a child was not abuse, it was empowering. I do not recommend my childhood for anyone, but I am pretty powerful as a result. I love my parental issues. My parents road mapped my spiritual path in ways that I never realized until now. I imagine that we all must have had a great time agreeing on how I would become a self-realized person that only imagined that his childhood sucked. The truth is I was not Harry Potter, I was a magical being in training. Too many people blame their parents for their suffering, as did I. No longer for me.

Loving the future is quite the challenge for someone who constantly worries about it. When we love the future, we simply quit thinking about it. We can only set up the rules within which we will experience it. We can resist what will happen (the Borg say resistance is futile) or we can get exited about it. The future is only fantasy. We can fantasize that it will be painful or it will be enjoyable. When we say “this is the only way” we limit ourselves and our future. So open up and enjoy it all. Embrace it even if it hurts!!!! The future is where we imprison our self. After all, the past and present is freedom. No matter what happened in the past or the present, for most people we aren’t in jail. The prison only exists in the future that does not exist.

So the third Love is for the present. And the present is also an illusion. Have you ever tried to define the present? By the time you are through, it is the past. So to love the present you have to be empty. It only lasts for a nanosecond. All of the talk about being in the present is marketing. I am not sure how fast we die and are reborn in each nanosecond; perhaps we don’t have the technology to measure that. I believe that we are all made of stardust, and even the stars recycle on infinitely small cycles. Maybe that is why I keep losing my keys.

The next matrix I want to share is the mind/heart/soul matrix. When we love in our mind, we don’t care. Why should we care if we love? Our minds are only necessary if we don’t love. That is the difference between our heart and mind. Our mind is not necessary if we love. We don’t need one. So the heart is the center of love. When we stay in our heart, sometimes we can frustrate people who are in their head. The head people expect certain rules to apply, when you are in the heart and are total love there are no rules. The only chance for our future is for more people to come from the heart than the head. The reason that love for the mind is so important is because they are diametrically apposed. It is not that we have to change the mind into the heart, which is organically difficult. The idea that we could have two hearts instead of a mind and a heart is truly mind-boggling. What we have to do is drop into the heart and feel the love there.

The heart is the center of the universe. No matter our past, or the state of our mind, love exists in the heart. It will always exist in the heart. That is why it is what it is. Life is created in the heart and it dies in the heart. When we stop loving, we die. The soul is the connection through our heart to the divine. We have no choice here, we love or we die. Our soul is all that is, our past, our present, our future. Until we bring love into our reality, love is just a concept. How we bring love into our reality depends on how clear a channel we can be without judgment.

So when we say LOVE LOVE LOVE there are huge implications. There are multidimensional implications. There are life altering implications. Keep saying it.