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A Blue Moon

There is a Blue Moon coming. A Blue Moon occurs whenever there are two full moons in a calendar month. The term refers to the second full moon. It is a bit of nonsense, because there is nothing special about the timing, it is inevitable in the calendar which we use. It is not particularly rare, it happens occasionally. That is why people say infrequent events happen “once in a Blue Moon”. The most important aspect of any full moon is the energy of letting go that it brings.

For people who don’t believe that full moons affects our lives, hospitals and mental health facilities tell us that they are most active and patients become most violent during a full moon. The term “lunacy” comes from “lunar” or moon. Somehow the planetary alignments that occur during a full moon work on our conscious and subconscious mind. Perhaps it is the gravitational forces or the electromagnetic forces that affects our minds and behavior. I am not aware of any definitive explanation for why this occurs. However, it is undeniable that during a full moon many people “let go of or lose their minds”.

It is also true that the full moon signals a new lunar cycle during which the moon will wane until it becomes a new moon. In other words it gets smaller and smaller until it disappears. For this reason many metaphysicians and astrologers recommend that the best time to commit to “let go” is during a full moon, as the full moon is symbolic of letting go. Most behavioral scientists teach that it takes 21 to 30 days to form a habit. I believe that is tied to the full moon cycle as well. When the moon makes a full cycle, from full moon to full moon, the habitual behavior becomes set in our conscious and subconscious mind.

We have to commit to “let go” for a minimum of thirty days. If we stop whatever we are doing for that length of time there is a better chance of permanently letting go of what ever it is. Addiction therapists set goals for recovery programs, and one of the fundamental goals is to stop the addictive behavior for thirty days. Twelve step programs even reward reaching the thirty day goal with a reward.

Letting go is simply focusing our thoughts on something else. If you have to let go of a person, we have to catch ourselves when we are thinking of that person and think of something else. One teacher I had recommended putting a rubber band around my wrist and snapping it whenever I thought of something I wanted to let go. I don’t necessarily recommend pain as a therapy for thought control, but it worked for me. It certainly brings you into the moment. In other words, we have to stop thinking about whatever or whomever we are letting go.

There are other ways to stop thinking about someone or something rather than snapping a rubber band against our wrist. Whenever we have a thought, we can mentally say “cancel clear”. We may have to say this a few hundred thousand times, but our minds eventually get the message. A more positive approach that works for me is whenever I catch myself thinking about what I am letting go, I remember a particularly beautiful sunset. Our minds would much rather focus on something pleasant than something painful. If we catch ourselves thinking painful thoughts, it is relatively easy to shift our thoughts to something pleasant. Again, we may have to do this repetitively but we can train our minds to eventually jump over the painful thought to the pleasant thought.

One pleasant thought that also helps me let go of a painful thought is the thought “God will take something away from me to give me something better”. This is true of people, jobs, things, memories or anything else. It is more important to stay positive, because trusting God is the most powerful manifestation of them all. There is no “secret” to this wisdom. It is simply true in my life, and some things are true whether you believe in them or not.

Finally, mantras and affirmations are also good replacement tools to get your mind off of whatever you are letting go. If you catch yourself thinking of the offending subject, you can instantly start thinking of an affirmation or mantra that clears your mind of those thoughts.

So tonight and tomorrow will be a Blue Moon. This is a most excellent time to commit to let go of anything and everything that causes you suffering. It may be an addiction; it may be a person. More probably, it is a thought that you are obsessing about that you need to replace. The good news is that if you replace that thought with a pleasant thought for the next thirty days, by the next full moon you will have changed your life. And isn’t that crazy!

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