Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson

Independence Day

This Fourth of July I was in Ireland doing a magical mystical fast and having a transformational time with one of the world’s most transformational people, Derek O’Neill. It seems that my emotions were being healed, two hotels I stayed at suffered water tank malfunctions that flooded the hotel. The first hotel was completely ruined, we had to be evacuated as the waterfalls poured from the electrical light fixtures. The second hotel caught the malfunction with minimal damage. As metaphysics equates water with emotions, obviously mine needed huge healing. Fortunately the water tanks took the hit, and I was spared a nervous breakdown.

This is the power of emotions. While many may poopoo the idea that someone’s emotional problems can take out a hotel water tank, in my world that makes total sense. The energy of emotions can be quite powerful and reek havoc. I have seen worse. On a more mundane level, cars get wrecked, plumbing backs up, roofs fall in, all when our emotions are out of control. So the message is to control our emotions, to be free from the sometimes overwhelming flow of emotions.

The idea of independence takes work, as our forefathers found out. When they signed that Declaration of Independence, they all were branded as traitors and would have been executed if we didn’t win the war of independence. It was years before the end was finally decided, and many lives were lost on both sides determining the outcome. The point is that independence is not easy or quick and can be fragile, at least in this world.

So how do we become independent? I believe the only way we can be independent is to forgive. Forgive us, forgive others and forgive god. After all, if we have any resentments or anger in our life, the only way be free of that negative energy is to let it go. How do we let go? We have to forgive. In order to forgive, we have to let go. In other words, we have to find a place of peace and contentedness where we don’t think of those people or traumas anymore.

The problem most people discover is that it is necessary to forgive all parties involved in any kind of trauma. We have a part to play in any trauma, even if it is as benign as simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We can beat ourselves up for just being alive as easily as beating ourselves up for actively creating the circumstances for the trauma. The issue is forgiving ourselves completely and believing, really believing that we are good people.

I recently experienced a very traumatic event (for me anyway), the end of a relationship. I did not find any peace about that until I started forgiving not only her but myself and god. I had to take responsibility for my part, and I had to admit to myself that god had nothing to do with it other than be there for me to pick up the pieces. Once I let go of all of the angst, I could have some peace. I finally feel free. For that, Independence Day was a complete success.