Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson

The Gift of Reality

Today is the anniversary of one of the most important events of my (this) lifetime, my birth. I shudder to think how long ago that was. Switchboards had wires and plugs, telephones were rotary dialed, recording was done by stenographers, copying was done with carbon paper and music came at three speeds, 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm’s. There were no TV’s and most musical entertainment was either on the radio or live bands. The best selling song in the US was Via Con Dios by Les Paul and Mary Ford. I had to laugh today; I described a repeating thought pattern as a scratched record. The people I was talking to had no idea what I was talking about. Only people who have experienced playing a scratched vinyl record would or could know what that was.

I marvel today at technology. Basically we have the world in a smartphone. Dick Tracy’s cartoon wrist communicator is now a reality. So many terms will be lost on future generations; such as “encyclopedia salesman”,  “hard back books”,  and “wind up watches”. I suppose that our intellectual advances have improved our lives, but have we gotten any closer to reality?

We had a discussion today whether we are any wiser today than we were years ago. Simply because we have more information does not mean we are any wiser. If we look around the world, the argument can be made that we actually have devolved into even more violence, more strife, more hunger, more disease, and more suffering. The religions are becoming even more violent and polarized. The Catholic Church is becoming more open about the horrors that priests have inflicted upon their parishioners. There seems to be a general decrease in spirituality, despite all of the posts and blogs about vibration, energy, ascendency, evolution and change.

This begs the question of what reality is, anyway? The more science digs, the less it seems we know. The deeper it gets, the more the esoteric teachings of the masters seem to be correct. The stars, the moon and the stars may actually be inside of us and all of the astrophysics in the world are becoming moot. Scientists are starting to discover that our universe may not have a beginning point and there was no “big bang” after all. They are looking for “dark matter” and “dark space” which I suspect is a beginning of the understanding of the creative force of the universe. It would be ironic to the extreme that science proves the existence of God when they were looking for just the opposite.

There is an intangible quality of getting old that I can’t explain. As I get older, everything seems to become more and more irrelevant. The most important things in life are not what I have achieved, but how I achieved them. Our motivation for whatever we do in life is much more important than what we achieve. I was taught from birth that achievements are the only yardstick in life, but what I have discovered is that my beliefs are the most important possessions. The value I place on myself is quantum levels more important than the physicality of my life. Accepting the events in my life as a manifestation of my beliefs places me in charge of my life, I am no longer a victim.

            Most importantly, I am discovering that perception of reality and reality may be the same thing. Philosophers and quantum physicists can debate the difference but the practical effect for me is they are the same thing. It is up to me to create my reality by how accurate the filters I place between my consciousness and the 3d world. As I grow in experience and wisdom, I find that I can magically transform a disaster into a miracle. I always wanted to be a wizard, after all. The more detached that I become, the less judgmental I can be. The less I am judgmental, the more I can enjoy whatever is happening in my life. The more I can enjoy the events that transpire in my life, the happier I am. I am just being me. And it was worth all of the effort.