Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson

The Least Importance

Many times we experience events in life that we think are big deals. They may force us to change direction, change jobs, change relationships, change living circumstances, or even change lives. We place great importance on these life events. However, from a higher perspective these events are only as important as we make them. I was meditating today on the saying “and life goes on”, and several things occurred to me. Most importantly there is nothing in life that takes priority over enjoying it.

Think back to the events that you place the most importance on in your life. Death of a loved one, winning an award, getting married, having children, a stroke of good or bad luck, winning the lottery, going to jail, getting a driver’s license, or many other events can loom large in our memory. But are they important compared to health, happiness or being calm in the face of unexpected occurrences? When we can take life’s unexpected twists and turns without drama and without negative emotion, we have solved many of life’s problems.

My father was an extremely emotional and excitable person. Everything that happened in his life was either the best thing that ever happened to him or the worst thing that ever happened to him. His pendulum swings of emotions seemed to keep him either extremely happy or extremely angry. He perfected the Olympic sport of pole-vaulting over mouse turds. For those around him, it was extremely stressful. It was extremely stressful for him. He made it work for him for 90 years, but I would not recommend it as a lifestyle for most people.

As I read all of the media posts these days, we are either facing Armageddon at the end of September or being “left behind”. The hysteria is growing to the point that the world consciousness is expecting “something” to happen. It is anybody’s guess what that will be. All of the channels are typically vague, with “doors opening”, “downloads approaching”, “portals opening to 5D love” and other prophecies that mean absolutely nothing. The funny part about most predictions is they are so vague that they could be as true today as at the end of September.

The best advice I ever got on how to live a stress free life is to minimize drama and don’t worry, be happy. Another way of saying that is “don’t make mountains out of nothing”. When we can accept the past, the present and the future as a fun filled carnival ride that doesn’t mean anything other than that. We certainly can seek to improve the lives of others less fortunate than ourselves, but even if we can’t be what we want it isn’t important. If we keep mouse turds small, and mountains smaller, then our life will become happier and more peaceful. Make your mantra: “it isn’t that important” and see how your life changes. It may surprise you.