Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson

Consciousness–What They Didn’t Teach You in College

Good Lord, what a time we live in. I can’t remember when so many people were so focused on stuff that doesn’t have any relevance in our lives and are simply distractions from what is really going on in their lives. Gamma rays, Wave X, Planet Niburu, Alien contacts, Armageddon, Ascension, quantum leaps in frequency, and all sorts of other subjects are flooding Face Book and Google with dire warnings of life changing events by the end of September. Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! These types of mass hysteria have plagued our world over and over, whether it was Y2K, the end of the Mayan Calendar (two dates), the Christian fundamentalists who kept changing the date of the end of the world. Unfortunately the Internet has brought this end of the world mentality to our doorstep and you have to have been living under a rock if you aren’t aware of it. I envy you.

One of the biggest principles that we are not taught in school is responsibility. In fact, we are taught the opposite, to blame someone else when we don’t get what we want from our education. We are responsible for absolutely everything that happens in our life. I am not preaching guilt here, or that we do anything wrong. That is the second principle that we get screwed up and I will get to that shortly. We choose our education or at least our parents choose it if we don’t. Schools specialize in our chosen fields, or they don’t specialize in anything and we are given a meaningless piece of paper at the end of four years to signify that we didn’t do anything for four years. I totally wasted my parents’ money for four years pretending to be an English major at a very expensive school in the South and didn’t learn anything. However, there are very few of us that remember anything that we did learn in college. So don’t blame the school that you choose to not learn.

In some ways we did learn things if we did go to college. Many of us learned moral or immoral values, we learned a lot about the opposite sex (or not), we formed beliefs about our universe that may or may not be helpful. And we probably learned how to complain and protest for stuff we don’t like. When we take responsibility for our lives, we have to quit complaining about the stuff we don’t like and either change it or leave it alone. We have to take a deep look inside ourselves and find out why we don’t like it. If we are against war, did we volunteer for the peace corps or did we seek a good job that didn’t involve the military industrial complex? Did we research the facts or did we simply repeat gossip that we heard or read somewhere? The truth is a powerful force if we choose to find it.

Are we positive or negative with our world view? Whatever we believe will be our reality. I think that a lot of the predictions that I have read, especially the more metaphysical ones are simply saying that we need to improve our attitudes about the world and get to work changing what doesn’t work. We don’t have to look for rogue planets and energy waves from the middle of the galaxy to accomplish that.

Another issue that we have to face is how we judge what is going on around us. We compare ourselves to others and think we see them living a better life than us and we start to beat ourselves up. That is like trying to teach a pig to sing. We will never change anything by beating ourself up. We will only change something when we start looking for the lesson the experience represents and apply it to our lives. Do we practice moral values or do we disregard the principles of a moral life in order to “get ahead” in life. Do we teach our children by example or by lecture? We had to learn how to lie, cheat, steal or criticize somewhere. We have to start looking in the mirror and put down the microscope.

Rather than be looking for aliens, why not start improving things around here?  Helping someone is a lot more productive and beneficial than studying Wave X and the grey aliens. I believe that people who spend their lives looking for something new and exciting in the heavens are simply distracting themselves from what they don’t like about their life. Why not start debate groups about the best way to improve this country, elect responsible officials, take away nuclear weapons and wellbeing? The aliens are not going to have magic wands. They probably have been avoiding us like a child screaming for an X Box. Why in the world would they want to visit this planet? I can only guess it is because they want something. Uh oh.