Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson

What the Heck is 5D?

Okay, I have to confess, I am totally lost on this 5D stuff. Somehow the theory is that we are transitioning from a 3D world to a 5D world where everything is supposed to be heart centered and loving. Consciousness is supposed to miraculously expand in this 5D world and we will have a more loving and kind experience on this planet. People are going to connect on a deeper level and unconditional love will be more abundant. This all sounds like New Age psychobabble to me.

The problem I have with most New Age psychobabble is that the truth is the ego once again is distracting us with mind games that actually prevent us from expanding our consciousness (which is what the 5D’ers promise). It is the ego that dreams up these utopian worlds where we fantasize everything will be different. This is nothing new. All of the prophets promised us a new world vision if we followed their teachings. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha all promised bliss, love and a new world if we changed our thinking to their model. On behalf of the entire world, I say “oops”. We didn’t quite get that one either.

There are thousands of books which promise utopia if only we would follow the right path. The Kybalion, The Keys of Enoch, Madame Blovinsky, and apparently hundreds of well meaning psychics and spiritual guides on the Internet promise a new day coming. This really isn’t anything new; mankind has been ignoring the prophets for millennia.

It doesn’t really matter what dimension we are in. Quantum physics now theorizes that there are a multitude of parallel universes that subatomic particles pop in and out of all the time. If anything seems strangely different to you at any point in time, perhaps you are experiencing a parallel universe in that moment. Does that make this existence any happier or fulfilling? I think not. What is really important is learning how to live in this moment and let the 3D/5D speculation go.

As I look around the Internet it seems a lot of people are speculating about a lot of topics. It seems that the end of September will be an important time for us all (if you believe the psychobabble). For me, I believe it will be another non-event. Our egos have made created repeated hysterical prophecies about a cataclysmic event to come. The only thing is that day never gets here. It sounds a lot like the game of “if only” which the mind is fond of playing.

The irony is that everything that the 5d’ers are promising is already here for the taking. We don’t have to wait for the poles to shift, Wave X to get here, the aliens to arrive or our currency to fail. All of that is the work of an ungrounded imagination. What we need to “do” is to see through the illusions of the ego and see the truth that we are all one and everything we need for a happy life is at hand. We do not need to wait for anything (which is the mind at work).

If we are unhappy in the 3D world we will be unhappy in the 5D world. Anyone that says differently is selling snake oil. This reminds me of the principle in addiction recovery that geographic cures don’t work. A geographic cure is when people change locations thinking that a new environment will stop their addictive behavior. Sober up a horse thief and you will still have a horse thief.  Until we change our minds and our behavior we still will have problems.

The same rules will apply no matter what dimension we are in. We have to realize that we are responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions and we can choose whether to be happy or unhappy. We can choose whether we feel abundant or victimized. We can choose whether we take things personally or we can let everything go. We can choose whether we believe we are all one or we can believe we are all separate. We can choose whether we live in 3D or 5D.

I suspect that people have simply repackaged the concept of geographical cures. What really matters is how we perceive our world. You don’t have to be in 5D to be enlightened. I suppose that another way of saying it would be enlightenment is in 5D, while people who are not mindful, not conscious, not feeling loved, and not happy are in 3D. In other words, marketing has repackaged the concept. We are saying the same thing, just using different labels. If I am happy in 3D, who cares about 5D?