Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson

Raising Vibratory Rates

There seems to be quite a lot of literature these days about “raising vibratory rates” and the advantages and benefits that has for our life. This is a misconception, or at best just a label which metaphysics has placed on what otherwise is known as the quality of life. The common misconception is that if you raise your vibratory rate then you will feel better and experience more synchronicity or at least have an easier life. The problem is that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that our “vibration” goes up when we do whatever the particular proponent of that concept suggests to do to raise our vibration. In fact, I suspect that this is just a new way of describing the effects of living a moral and righteous life.

In one article I read, the author claimed that by raising your vibratory rate, you will experience feeling grounded and centered, more psychic awareness, more health, communicating clearly and honestly, increased energy, spontaneous healing, better circumstances, better friends, feeling grateful, appreciation, creativity, compassion, patience and understanding, joy, faith, awareness, mindfulness, forgiveness and other benefits. I sometimes get confused whether they are talking about hertz (the measurement of vibratory rates) or vitamins. He goes on to give suggestions on how to raise your vibration, which are nothing more than paying attention to your thoughts, your meditation and what you put in your body. In other words, being healthy mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

The more I learn through experience the more I am beginning to realize that we are being sold repackaged goods. One of the first workshops on raising vibratory rates was held approximately 2000 years ago in Palestine. It is known as The Sermon on The Mount which us taught how to be blessed, how to be happy, and the Lord’s Prayer. It is contained in the New Testament at Matthew 5-7. I am not professing that Christianity is any better than any other religion, I suspect that every religion has teachings similar to “raising your vibratory rate.” However, the content of the Sermon on the Mount is eerily similar to what New Agers are claiming raises vibratory rates.
These ideals may sound familiar to current spiritualists: you are a light into the world, you have to control your emotions, you have to control your thoughts, you have to tell the truth (especially to yourself), love your enemies, help the poor, God is inside of you, take care of your body/temple, meditate and pray, have faith and trust, do not judge, treat others as you wish to be treated (karma), and seek God. Whether you call these ideals “raising your vibratory rate” or being holy, it does not matter. These ideals are called morals, and unfortunately they have been righteously ignored for thousands of years.

If the code words “raise vibratory rates” works for you, and you decide to integrate the moral principles of a divine life into your life, then that is great. Our world will be better for it. However, it rankles a bit for people to be selling this stuff as “new” when we have been ignoring it for thousands of years. It also is a bit of a bamboozle to declare that a higher vibratory rate is better than a lower vibratory rate. It misses the mark (a/k/a sin). We are only fooling ourselves and distracting ourselves from the real work, the inner discipline that takes us to self-realization. Don’t worry about your vibratory rate, simply focus on what we think about, how we feel, and how we treat our fellow human beings. That is the true gift of divinity.