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A Simple Misunderstanding

As I see it, we have gotten it wrong. There are a couple of ways we have gotten it wrong. But, I am getting ahead of myself. The first thing that we have gotten wrong is we don’t even know what “it” is. When I say we have gotten “it” wrong, I am referring to life. We are looking for the wrong things, we are looking for the wrong people and we are looking for the wrong payoff. Most people in the USA, for example, are looking for material success. In many third world countries they are looking for survival. The fact that we are looking for anything at all is the first clue that we have gotten it wrong.

At some point in our past we formed the belief that material wealth was good and poverty was bad. We started believing that we had to be better than others and we had to have more than others. We concluded that if we had more than others we had to be more successful than others and thus we should be happier. I am sure that some things are easier with wealth than with poverty but I have met many people with wealth who were suffering just as much as those with poverty. I just read that Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. He supposedly received 100 million dollars for his interest in Vitamin Water. This proves my point.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the way energy flows on this planet. In all other dimensions, planets and planes of existence, it is common knowledge that energy flows out, not in. If we suck energy, it distorts into something we don’t want (i.e. life “sucks”). What we put into our environment we will receive eventually. Another material misunderstanding on this planet is time. We have misunderstood the way time operates and how to control it, rather than it controls us. Most people believe that time operates linearly, which is basically illogical. Think about it, why do we think time is linear? It is because we are impatient and think that time only moves second by second. However, if you think about it, time can pass instantly in some circumstances and drag on forever in others. My experience is that the concept of “waiting” is an illusion. When we focus on the future, time distorts. When we focus on the past, time distorts. When we focus on the present, time disappears.

So why is time an illusion? It is an illusion because it depends on our perception. I spent nearly 25 years trying jury trials, and the one thing that never ceased to amaze me was how different witnesses would have different perceptions of events. It was up to the jury to somehow decide which reality was correct, but of course even that was an illusion. I concluded at some point that any event either was multi-dimensional with various realities or we all were living in different realities. Either way, reality was subjective.

So to bring this observation home, the “reality” is that everyone has a different “reality”. This would include time. This includes the meaning of life. This includes the meaning of happiness, success and everything else we experience. So if you understand that life is subjective, what does that mean to the person who lives in a penthouse and the person who lives in a garbage dumpster? What is means is that everyone has the same chance at happiness and success and the definitions of both of those terms are subjective.

When we understand that everything is subjective, then we begin to understand that we have complete control of reality.

I have two amazing sons who are about as similar as night and day. Each one is traveling their passion as only two intelligent beings can. I just spent Thanksgiving and early Christmas with each, individually, and experienced their happiness following two diametrically opposed paths. One is a corporate executive and the other is a cowboy, or is one a cow executive and the other a corporate cowboy. Sometimes it is hard to tell. All I know is I had the best time of my life being with both of them. It is their karma to have lives so individually unique that I can only smile and say “well done”.

So to get back on point, we have gotten “it” wrong because we try to put everything in a box. We want to understand and control everything in our life. That is our ego’s job. Our ego wants to tie our shoes, clean our underwear and conquer the world. However, the ego also perceives our world, and therein lies the problem. The fox is in the henhouse. The only way I know to properly perceive the world is to quit judging it. There is no right or wrong, there just is. There is no good or bad, there is only our perception. We are fed so much misinformation that we don’t even know what is right or wrong or good or bad anyway.

To break free of misunderstanding, we have to accept everything that is right in front of us as absolutely perfect and (emphasis added) everything changes. We jump into the water and we complain that we got wet. We were born, and everything is wet, juicy, moist and alive. That is all we really need to know. We need to stop checking our money market account every five minutes. We need to get to the juicy parts of loving someone and surrendering being the best. In 100 years no one will remember whether we graduated first in our class or not. If you feed a hungry person, they will remember. If you put clothes on a freezing homeless person, they will remember. If you hug an emotionally starved child, they will remember. That is why we are here.

If you are reading this, it means you have enough wealth to get on the Internet and you can read. You are ahead of 90% of the world’s population. When you have that much abundance, how can you not share it? If you can type and email and read, you have been given a gift that few have been given.

The biggest misunderstanding that anyone reading this can have is that they are a victim. If you can read this you are so fortunate that you cannot understand that in the history of the world you are in the top 1% of literacy. If you read this you had better not feel sorry for yourself because I have held the hand of a child who has never seen clean water much less a Gameboy. So understand that if you read this, you are blessed beyond belief. If you want to know more, contact me at www.jamesgrayrobinson.com. And let the blessings flow.

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