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How Lawyers Can Be More Mindful and Embrace Their Spirituality

Motivational writers and “transformational” leaders talk a lot about “mindfulness” and “spirituality.” Having been a lawyer for over 40 years, I often questioned whether that type of philosophy was useful in my life. After all, being a lawyer was always about study, work, client and community relationships. I was a Christian, and this new age […]

Top 10 Rules to be a Successful Lawyer

My latest article published in the ABA Journal: http://www.abajournal.com/voice/article/10-rules-for-being-a-successful-lawyer A third-generation trial attorney, I have spent a majority of my life either working as a lawyer or hearing about it at the dinner table growing up. I was a trial attorney in North Carolina for nearly 27 years and retired in 2004 to go into […]

Stress Free Practice: 12 Steps to Help You Get There

Stress Free Practice: 12 Tips to Help You Get There https://abovethelaw.com/career-files/stress-free-practice-12-tips-to-help-you-get-there/ Some tips and tricks to help lawyers relax. By JAMES GRAY ROBINSON, ESQ.Mar 22, 2019 at 9:45 AM The practice (and business) of law is generally stressful. We have to find paying clients, impress them, and then charge a reasonable fee. We have to deal […]

Lawyers and Depression

Lawyers and Depressionhttps://jamesgrayrobinson.com/lawyers-and-depression/http://www.rocketmatter.com/attorney-wellness/formerly-depressed-lawyer-shares-critical-lessons by Gray Robinson, Esq.             Out of over 100 professions studied at John Hopkins University in 1990, lawyers were found to be the most likely professionalsto be depressed and in 1996 became the profession with the highest suicide rate. Approximately one in four lawyers have a substance abuse problem.  Personally, I became dysfunctionally depressed […]

7 Meditation Techniques to Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

These techniques will reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia while increasing serenity, focus, and relaxation – in as little as 10 minutes a day. Using any of these 7 techniques will produce life (and career!) enhancing results. https://familylawyermagazine.com/articles/meditation-techniques-for-lawyers-increase-productivity-reduce-stress/ By James Gray Robinson,Family Lawyer and Consultant The benefits of meditation have become commonly accepted by all segments […]

The Illusion of Perception

            One of the most meaningful mantras of modern spiritualism is “all perception is projection”. Another way of saying that is “we see what we expect to see”. Psychologists call this “cognitive bias”, or mental distortion of what we observe because of the bias of our subconscious mind. Our mind does not accept gaps or instants […]

Your Health and The Law

https://abovethelaw.com/career-files/your-health-and-the-law/?fbclid=IwAR1dOMFW6C6DbxVESpAyl-CNVEYBwUt5k1Yo5Qo3vsXhGg7iJRvEoVeM9E0 No, not health law. I am talking here about healthy lawyers. Oftentimes lawyers don’t make their wellness and health a priority because they are focused on other things that demand their attention.  I remember my father, a high profile trial attorney, was morbidly obese – as was his father, a trial lawyer turned County […]

6 Suggestions for Becoming A Happy, Healthy Lawyer

https://familylawyermagazine.com/articles/6-suggestions-for-becoming-a-happy-healthy-lawyer/ The practice of law is inherently stressful. We have to find healthy ways to deal with that stress and maintain a high level of satisfaction and happiness. Here are six suggestions to help you become a happy, healthy lawyer. By James Gray Robinson, Family Lawyer and Consultant Many lawyers don’t make their health and wellness a […]

Emotional Security for Family Lawyers

A look at the importance of emotional security for family lawyers – and the role of emotional security in creating good lawyer-client relationships. Testing support By James Gray Robinson, Lawyer and Business Consultant Many lawyers are beginning to understand the importance of emotion in the practice of law – especially family law – including the concepts of […]