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Lawyers, addiction and COVID-19: ‘Changing the landscape for everyone’

Human beings are hardwired for interaction. We are, by definition, touchy-feely types of people. Without supportive human interaction, we tend to go insane. Numerous studies of inmates subjected to long-term solitary confinement and prisoner-of-war isolation indicate that people who isolate themselves eventually become depressed and often turn to substance relief. This is where COVID-19 is […]

Why Lawyers Need to Know About Cortisol

I have published many articles about stress and wellness for lawyers. It is quite the popular topic due to the fact that stress is one of the legal profession’s worst hazards. Lawyers have a disproportionately high percentage of addiction and depression. Depending on the survey, addiction is higher than 20% and climbing. Over 40% of […]

The Difference Between Intelligence and Wisdom

Intelligence and wisdom are two sides of a similar coin, namely our mental ability to succeed and live in the world. Intelligence is an individual’s capacity to store and utilize information while wisdom is more practical knowledge gained through experience. One way to illustrate the difference is by comparing a Volkswagon Beetle to a Ferrari. […]

Living with Uncertainty

Whenever we experience stress, anxiety or fear, oftentimes it is caused by fear of the future. There are many kinds of fear, some justified, some irrational. Justified fear would be caused by a perceived threat that is imminent and physically real. An example would be testing positive for Covid19. An irrational fear would be caused […]

20 Words to Avoid for A Better Life

Words matter. Many people say and think in an undisciplined manner without any regard to the words they are using. Certain words can have a tremendous impact not only on how others perceive us, but on how we feel about ourselves. Here is a list of words which can be extremely debilitating and should be […]