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James provides succinct responses to your questions with a deep, strong sense of compassion and love. He knows how to look into your spirit to see beyond your own confusion and self judgment. James is able to see the real you when one is in self judgment.  James sends support and loving energy allowing an individual to count on their own inner teacher to awaken and be the guiding light. – Vasili Scandalis

Thank you James Robinson for an amazing class I feel unstoppable, it’s like I know what I need to do and how. I can’t wait to join again another class, the way you deliver your message is so different from other’s seminars I have been because you are so direct, packed with information from minute one, and I love all the tools that I now own forever and I can easily use on my everyday life. I witness how with humor and wisdom you can have any kind of topic look so simple and applicable to small or large business and move them into action. Thank you again and I highly recommend your method to any individual or organization that wants to improve and go forward in their personal or global goals. – Karina Steinberg, NYC

Thank you Gray for this blog article, Be the hero. I enjoy reading all that you post and this morning this one really spoke to me. It assisted me to see that as a child of a single mother ( my folks split up when I was 3 and my dad and I reunited 43 years later)  I was constantly reminded of being a victim. I don’t feel a victim any more and yet when I read this and tuned into the child in me using my Heart Metta method, I found this kid still felt she was destined to suffer- what the heck! Thank you James!! This is a huge contributor to my procrastination issues! I was thrilled to uncover this and as I showed her she no longer has to believe what my mother said about having to struggle, I felt my frequency shift and what I call the Divine Buzz. I have been blessed over the years and always have faith the Universe provides. Now I feel more motivated to utilize what the Universe offers me.– Sandra Sweetman, Spiritual Consultant and Healer

Thank you so much Gray Robinson. Your explanation of how chakras are important to how we speak and interact with people as well as making people consciously aware of themselves was truly a golden nugget amongst many. Thanks again for your time and your professional and personal wisdom. This will help me personally and professionally, and I can’t wait to use your suggestions in my business. – Maria Soledad, Nurse Practitioner NYC

Thank you Gray Robinson so much for today’s class. It was fantastic! I loved your insights in particular about how to use our chakras in our personal life and business improvement. – Carolyn Robbins, Management Consultant NYC

Thank you Gray. Your classes are always informative and insightful. – Jiyun Park, NLP practitioner, Little Ferry, NJ

Thank you Gray for all you do. -Denise Gindhart, Marketing and Personal Consultant, Philadelphia PA

I have known Gray Robinson all of my life. He has been a constant source of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement in my life. I have learned so much from him about life it is hard to put into words. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use the tools he has given me in my relationships, in my work as a bank executive, and my personal growth. The thing that is so amazing about Gray is he makes difficult concepts so easy to understand, and he bridges the gap between spirituality and practicality. He is direct, funny, enlightening and entertaining. If anyone gets the chance to go to a workshop or counseling, I highly recommend it. You will learn more from Gray than any teacher I have ever met. You can’t put him in a box, he is too big for that. There is something magical about him. – Andrew Holmes, bank executive, Winston-Salem NC

Dude. I have spent 3k in therapy. Your comment was the best insight I have had to date. I MEAN YOU HAVE SO MUCH EXPERIENCE AND WISDOM. THANKS. Man I always reach out to you when I literally am at the edge. I appreciate that point of focus. – V. S., Computer Software Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

I am the former Chief District Court Judge for the 21st Judicial District of North Carolina. I have known James (Gray) Robinson for over thirty years, beginning when I was an Assistant District Attorney and he was practicing law in my district.

During this period of time I’ve gotten to know Gray both personally and professionally. I always appreciated his honesty and integrity as he fought for his clients, often bringing to the court unique and novel approaches to complex issues. James had a very successful practice and I thought it a loss for the legal community when he left the profession to pursue his passion to teach wellness and personal development in 2004.

I believe that the programs that James has developed for relieving stress and increasing happiness are excellent.

William B. Reingold
Chief District Court Judge (Retired)
Twenty-First Judicial District, North Carolina

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I had Hep C and was on the liver transplant list. After 5 minutes with you, I went to the doctor and they told me that all traces of the disease had disappeared. They have no explanation for this! Incredible! – D., Florida

Thank you for being a great teacher! Thank you for your incredible insights! – Roxie, Des Moines Iowa

Thank you so much for healing my sleeping disorder! I can now sleep for the first time in twenty years. – J., Montana

Thank you for your teachings, sense of humor and kindness. Your light is bright! – A., Nashville

Thank you for your class in Weston, Fl. It is truthfully an honor to be in the presence of your love and light. Your high ability to respond to all for divine connection is devotedly displayed through your service to spiritual-reality. – BE, Weston Fla.

Thank you so much healing my horse’s broken leg. Words will never be enough to thank you for saving his life. It is a miracle. – A., Montana

Every person leaves an imprint on the people they touch. Yours will be with me the rest of my life. Thank you for the many blessings you have giving me and having faith in me. You are an awesome teacher and person. Thank you for sharing. – J., Phoenix

Thank you so much for healing my broken knee. For the first time in twenty years I have no pain and now I don’t have to have any more surgery. You are a miracle!  – M., Germany

Thanks so much for last night’s workshop! I enjoyed the whole experience; appreciated your warm, considerate and modest style; and was thrilled to discover that I could actually see auras again!! I haven’t had a moment hardly to think since I left here last night! –C., Clemmons, North Carolina

Thank you for your dedication, sensitivity and caring. Thank you for the example you set as a teacher and transformer of life. Thank you for your greatness.  – H., Tel Aviv, Israel

You are a beacon of light and appreciated with love. Keep it up. – Gustovo Schmidt, International Artist and Spiritual Consultant

Love ya brother, your articles come and spear me right in the behind.  I smile and smile. – Bob May

This was one of the ones [articles] I shared. Love so many of them. You found one of your callings. I mean I bought all you books and these slices of wisdom are great and in the now. Love how you’re always evolving and sharing through the journey! – Shaun Gardner, California