Elephant Journal Articles Week of 5.16.16

It’s been a busy week for my Elephant Journal Articles!

Identifying the Masks That Hurt, Embracing the Masks that Heal


The Reality of Separation Consciousness


A New Era of Enlightened Relationships


6 Habits that Keep Us in the Fray, How to Rise Above it


How to Stop, Breathe, Reboot


8 Suggestions for Surviving Hell



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  1. Janette
    Janette says:

    I liked most of what you wrote in your elephant journal article about expectations. Some of it seemed very black and white though, with no gray area. I have an issue with the paragraph on self discipline.I think it’s perfectly acceptable to expect someone to be respectful, kind and loving. I’ve been in some very toxic relationships with very narcissistic men who defintely don’t know how to treat their partner. Of course I ended those relationships and now I’m very aware and careful not to get involved ever again with those kind of men, So some expectations are not just beliefs but being aware of your own needs and not tolerating mistreatment. I think you assumed most people would understand that mistreatment is not acceptable, but not all people reading those articles do. No one should blame themselves for having standards and not always being selfless in a healthy relationship.

    • GR
      GR says:

      You might find my radio show helpful. Soulspark Radio is seven days a week at 6pmPST on K4HD Radio and all shows are archived at I Heart Radio.


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