JAMES_GRAY_ROBINSON_V2_-_LOW_RES_mp4Gray offers guided meditations to enrich the mind, soul and spirit. Approximately 25-30 minutes long, these meditations are great for reenergizing and uplifting.

On this page you can listen to – and download – previously recorded audio files of each week’s guided meditation.
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2.3.16  Healing Fear

2.10.16 Releasing Negative Thoughts and Emotions

2.17.16 Letting Go of Unwanted Weight/Fat

2.24.16 Connecting with Your Higher Power

3.2.16 Astral Projection

3.16.16 Balancing Chakras

3.23.16 Filling Your Body with Light

3.30.16 Being Still

4.06.16 Happiness

4.20.16 Healing Guilt

5.4.16 Activating the Third Eye

5.11.16 Connecting with The Divine Feminine:

5.18.16 Being a Lotus

5.25.16 Prayers to Transform Suffering

6.1.16 Quitting Addictions

6.15.16 Relieving Pain

6.22.16 Detachment

6.29.16 Anger

7.20.16 Healing Pain

8.7.16 The Tree of Love and Abundance

8.14.16 The Space Between Thoughts

9.19.16 New Moon Manifestation