We Need More Female Warriors

In my part of the world, it’s spring, a time for planting seeds for what we’d like to see bloom. Here’s what I’d like to see flourish in our global garden: feminine warriors. Many ancient cultures have myths about women who emulate male warriors, don armor and defeat their masculine enemies. Stories about Valkeries, Amazons, Celts and other matriarchal warrior societies glorify women in battle. Today, the US armed forces are still struggling with the role women should play in active battle while allowing women in active combat. Clearly, history recognizes the power and potential of feminine warriors, and in ancient times even glorified them. It’s time for a form of that history to repeat itself.

The world needs feminine warriors—women and men—who are willing to step onto the global field to battle for feminine virtues and bring authority back to feminine principles. For centuries the feminine qualities of patience, contemplation, community, tolerance, nurturing, forgiveness and love have taken a back seat to the masculine qualities of action, force, violence, justice and conquest. Patriarchy has made the world a battlefield; we need to reestablish the notion of matriarchy, and bring balance and harmony to the world – make the battlefield into a fertile field.

The hallmark of a patriarchy is exclusion, while the hallmark of matriarchy is inclusion. Patriarchy operates by power and domination over others, while matriarchy operates by the power from within, from consensus and equality. Patriarchy believes that a few are better qualified to make decisions for the many due to education, intelligence, physical attributes, and even money and birth line, while matriarchy believes that consensus and compromise will always be stronger in the long run.

The masculine point of view has not cared enough about conservation and care of our environment, equalization of financial and world resources, or the salvation of the politically dispossessed. The object of male domination is to acquire power and increase it at all costs. The terrible price that will be paid by our grandchildren and great grandchildren is that the world that they will know will be far different than the one our grandparents and great grandparents knew. Patriarchy also has developed a system of separating the elite from the masses, rather than a matriarchal view of raising the masses to the elite. Patriarchy has had a long run, and most people would agree (except perhaps for the few in power) that it has brought the world to the brink of collapse.
We need courageous and vocal men and women to advance a feminine agenda with a roar if whispers aren’t heard if we are going to save ourselves and our planet. What is a feminine agenda? Here are a few aspects I see are needed:

  1. Make equality a reality, not just an ideal. While the feminine perspective argues that all people are born equal, the masculine perspective tends to separate them into the haves and have nots. Set an example for others and the next generation on how to care for each other by sharing what we have. Actively work to ensure equality. Otherwise we will continue down the road of discrimination and separation.
  2. Take care of our Mother Earth. Educate each other and our children the effect of a disposable society; there are floating islands of garbage in the Pacific larger than small countries. Speak out at work, at home and in public about mounting piles of toxic garbage and reexamine your own choices to minimize pollution.
  3. Pay attention to what is going on in your home, which are the heart centers of families, cities, nations and civilization. This connects to fear, violence, anger, disease and abuse we see as happening ‘outside’ ourselves. Help eradicate these irrational behaviors from yourself first, then your culture to bring peace.
  4. Reduce the need for more—money, possessions and status—while encouraging personal inner development, strategies for individual and global happiness, and personal self worth. Eliminating greed, envy and jealousy goes a long way to bring focus back to the divinity of life.
  5. Focus on wellness—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Develop greater personal responsibility for your circumstances in life and a spiritual foundation and practice for dealing with what lies ahead in cleaning up the mess testosterone has made.

As a male, I’ve spent quite a bit of time sorting out the mess my “maleness” has made in my life. A neglected emotional foundation, misguided spiritual understanding and deluded belief of “inherent rightness” have been replaced with compassion and a commitment to help others thanks to my own self work to increase feminine values. Since I have done this, I am convinced others can as well … Brave and vocal feminine warriors arise!

Reprinted from The 3rdi Magazine 

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