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Relationship Dictionary

Relationship Dictionary 

To Find The One, You Have To Be The One


Addict: Someone whose compulsion to find happiness is greater than their fear of adverse consequences.


Addiction: The compulsive belief that you need something or someone to make you happy.


Adultery: When someone betrays themselves.


Anger: The loss of emotional control due to perceived threat.


Askhole: The person who repeatedly asks for your advice and never takes it.


Bastard: A man who disagrees with you.


Beauty: What you (or society) perceive as attractive.


Being authentic: Revealing who you really are.


Bitch: A woman who disagrees with you.


Boundaries: The line between acceptable and unacceptable.


Broken Heart: A temper tantrum occurring when you don’t get who you want.


Children: Mindfulness police.


Co-Dependent: People who think everyone and everything is their responsibility.


Commitment: The glue that binds one or more people together.


Confusion: The clash of belief systems.


Conscience: The ability to understand the effect of your actions on others.


Consciousness: The awareness of everything that happens.


Depression: Being focused on negativity and worst-case scenario outcomes. It can be caused by emotional trauma or imbalanced brain chemistry.


Devotee: People who don’t want to be a guru.


Disappointment: How you feel when you don’t get what you desire or expect.


Divorce: The opportunity to redefine yourself with less.


Drama Kings and Queens: People who are controlled by their emotions.


Dysfucktional: The inability to get into a satisfying relationship.


Emotional Maturity: The ability to understand and control your emotions.


Empathy: The ability to understand and feel what someone else is experiencing.


Enlightenment: That point when you stop needing workshops.


Ex: Someone that has left the Zone of Resonance.


Expectations: How we want our life to be.


Fear: The belief or feeling that we will lose what we have or never get what we desire. The cause of most relationship problems.


Foregiveness: End of judgment of yourself and others.


God: What you perceive.


Goddess: Feminine power manifested.


Guilt: The irrational belief that we caused what we don’t want.


Guru: Someone you pay to teach you what you already know.


Happiness: The state of well-being associated with living without expectations or judgment of yourself or others.


Healing: Getting all of yourself out of the way.


Holding Space: Keeping someone’s space in queue until they can get there.


Jealousy: The dragon that is called by your insecurity.


Law of Allowing: Letting yourself be who you are, and others be who they are.


Law of Attraction: The process where you learn you don’t always get what you want.


Law of Contrast: The experience of getting what we don’t want so we can discover who we are.


Law of Harmony: What happens when two people are in the zone of resonance.


Letting Go: Turning away from the past to choose the next adventure.


Life: What happens when you have something else planned.


Love: Making the relationship more important than being right.


Lust: The addictive desire to be in an orgasmic state and is often confused with love.


Marriage: The fastest path to enlightenment or divorce.


Mental Constipation: The inability to give a shit.


Mental Masturbation: The inability to let go of a thought and overthinking something you already have the answer to.


Mental Maturity: The ability to control your thoughts.


Mindfulness: What New Age gurus call paying attention.


Open Relationship: Relationships free from society’s expectations, usually referring to knees.


Narcissist (Iamthepath): It really is all about me. (Ex. When someone says, “It’s me, not you”, they’re right)


Parenting: When you find out how good a teacher you are.


Predator: Someone who will do or say anything to get what they want and then leaves.


Prison(emotional): A self-constructed trap with bars made of regret.


Projection: Judging others based your assumptions.


Psychopath: Someone who has no conscience.


Regret: Resistance to who we are.


Resentment: Thinking a thought over and over again.


Self-love: Removing society’s programing that limits who we think we are.


Shame: The way people control others.


Single: The opportunity to become the one for yourself without distractions.


Sociopath: Someone that actually could care less.


Soulmate: Someone who will never say no.


Spiritual Terrorist: Someone who uses spiritual principles to justify using others. See, Predator.


Stress: The belief that life should be different.


Success: Getting what you want versus wanting what you get.


Taking responsibility: achieving emotional and mental maturity and accepting the consequences of your actions.


Victimhood: Refusing to take responsibility.


Zone of Resonance: An extremely fragile place where two people’s vibratory rates are close enough to be within tolerance.