Talk Topics & Presentations

Have a specific goal in mind? Gray will happily customize speeches for your needs.  Here are his signature presentations along with some popular topics on a wide range of issues everybody faces that Gray is well-versed at talking about.

The Happiness Gene

Happiness is one of those qualities of life that is illusive and for many, hard to maintain for any length of time. Many teachers, philosophies and religions all promise that happiness will be ours, yet life keeps getting in the way. We are literally hard-wired to be happy; it is part of our emotional DNA, yet we are conditioned to disregard this part of our consciousness. Gray explains how to reactivate this emotional state with simple exercises and guided meditation and gives you an easy to follow, step-by-step approach on how to put happiness back into your life – and keep it there.

Wellness, Consciousness, Enlightenment & Mastery, Southern Style

Difficult concepts become easy and understandable when seen from a different perspective. Coming from the deep South, and then living with and learning from renown spiritual teachers all around the world brought Gray some hard won yet workable perspectives on all things spiritual and suffering. Coming from common sense and practical wisdom including “don’t try to teach a pig to sing”, Gray incorporates down-home practicality with ancient, once “secret”, eastern philosophy and modern psychology to explain how to navigate the “mind” fields of modern living. Pepsi and Moon Pies optional, laughter and learning guaranteed.

Enlightenment: Get ‘er done

What is enlightenment and why does everyone promise it if you take his or her workshop? Do you really need enlightenment or is this the greatest of all scams? Join Gray as he explains what enlightenment really is so you can decide whether you really want it or not – and a proven path on how to get there. His experience in his search for enlightenment coupled with experience with enlightened beings is a revealing journey, behind the scenes of spirituality and the enlightenment ‘movement’. Enlightenment’s not for sissies … get the wisdom, guidance and tools to get ‘er done!

A Southern Gentleman’s Guide to Bliss

What is bliss and/or happiness? Does the concept of happiness change depending on how you are raised and your concepts of family, money, safety and culture? You bet it does! Gray brings his Southern charm to a much discussed topic of how the past influences your future, and more importantly, provides a roadmap on how to transcend your past to drill down to that elusive reservoir of happiness hidden in all of us. Promise.

How Big is Your But? Become Limitless

Most of us live in a carefully constructed jail cell without knowing that we are the jailer. We limit ourselves, others, and our experiences of life due to fear and programming. Gray teaches you how to free yourself, sharing from his award-winning book, “How Big is Your But?” his wit, wisdom and practical ways to remove all of the limits we put on ourselves so that you can get on with it already and build an expansive future. Learn how to lose your “buts” to build a better life filled with what you want – it’s easier that you think – and become limitless!

This is Not Your Mother’s Workshop

Let’s face it … many people have issues with their relationships, career, finances, health and fulfillment. How do we get what we want? We have to start with that elusive space between our ears to realize what we really want in life, and what we are (and are not) doing to get it. Gray will not sugar coat or fantasize what is needed in our shifting three-dimensional world for success. We reckon you’ll be surprised, excited and inspired in this one, and that you may need to ask your momma to stay in the room, or leave.

Consciousness: What They Don’t Teach You in College

What did you learn in college? Did you learn a bunch of facts and information that does not help you be happy or find lasting relationships, abundance and satisfaction? What do you need from the college of life to be successful, respected and happy? Join Gray as he fills in the gaps of your “headucation” and gives the rest of the story you need to graduate “happy cum laude”!

Enlightened Executives Have More Fun & Make More Money

What is enlightenment and consciousness? Why is it important to be aware of the principals of integrity, ethics, leadership and growth? Join James as he gives you the strategies and techniques he used to create successful businesses and lead and empower people to be their best. These experiences will give you new insights on how to turn coal into diamonds and be more successful at whatever you do.

This is the Last Presentation You’ll Ever Need

Are you tired of spending hard earned money on workshop after workshop but your circumstances haven’t changed and you are starting to feel like you have a workshop addiction? Do you want to go to one workshop where you get everything you need to get everything you want and more? This is the one! Packed with ancient wisdom and practical advice, this workshop will answer any and all questions about life and manifestation. Learn to be your own teacher and give up searching for the magic that is already inside of you!

Your New & Improved Life: DIY Spirituality

You can go to workshop after workshop and lecture after lecture but the truth is that happiness and success are inside jobs. You have to DIY! Gray will give you the tools and materials you need to get started on renovating and rebuilding your life and creating a magnificent structure built on solid foundations. Based on principals that are hundreds even thousands of years old, you can build whatever kind of life you want – by yourself in your own time, from the comfort of your own home. You won’t need a left-handed hammer, or even to get out of your pajamas.