SQWorldWideLogo-300x223Gray is an original member of SQ Worldwide. SQ Worldwide was founded by Derek O’Neill and is an organization committed to bringing heart back into the service world. It was formed as a bridge between SQ Wellness and SQ Foundation to hold the balance between different paths of personal, business, and non-profit development.

Recognizing that different audiences resonate with different life paths, we have tailored products, services, and opportunities to make positive change, to meet people where they are. From the life-changing teachings of Derek O’Neill, the supportive offerings of SQ Wellness, to the humanitarian services of SQ Foundation, each offers portals of discovery and inspiration. Embracing the belief that we are one humanity, SQ Worldwide provides the stability necessary for growth and expansion, be it through personal development, humanitarian efforts, or bringing integrity back into business. SQ Worldwide cultivates higher ideals through our programs in all arenas.

SQ stands for “Spiritual Quotient” – the Highest Intelligence. Our Mission Statement is:

“We at SQ believe that the unseen spirit is stronger, more elegant, and more resilient than anything else. That’s why we serve spirit, and it serves the body. This is not religion, this is reality”.

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