Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


            Life is determined by what we are thinking. The quantity and quality of thoughts that go through our consciousness can cause us to raise our consciousness to the highest realms or be thoroughly depressed. When we are learning to control our thoughts, the easiest way to avoid negative thinking and implant positive thoughts is to repeat mantras, or positive statements to ourselves over and over again. The more often we repeat these positive statements, the more positive-ness and joy we will experience.

            Behavioral scientists state that new habits are formed in 21 days of repetitive behavior. I have listed 30 mantras below which I believe are highly effective to change our mind and moods to positivity. You can say one for 21 days or more or simply go through the list and rotate from month to month. The idea is to get your mind to start thinking positively automatically. Once you can do that, your life will change dramatically.

1.     I am not my thoughts, beliefs, emotions or feelings. I am a divine child of God.

2.     I heal all thoughts and beliefs that cause me suffering. They are an illusion.

3.     I am calm and filled with peace.

4.     Everything is working out perfectly in my best and highest good.

5.     I focus on my own path.

6.     God arise in me and show me your plan for me.

7.     All of my needs will be met and I am relaxed.

8.     I am grateful for my body, my life and all that are in it.

9.     Everything changes, including me.

10.  Patience is a gift.

11.  The only difference between a miracle and a disaster is my perception.

12.  I create all that I perceive. I only perceive joy, abundance and thankfulness.

13.  I let go of all resistance to life.

14.  Everyone has a choice. I choose to be happy.

15.  Just for today, I am happy.

16.  Just for today, I radiate hope, love and happiness.

17.  I am a powerful being of light shining love on everyone and everything I perceive.

18.  I am filled with the power of God.

19.  I reclaim all of my power which I have given to others.

20.  I am my own teacher and guide.

21.  Everyone loves me in their own way.

22.  I transmute all fear into love.

23.  Life is not about what I can get. Life is about what I can give.

24.  I open my heart and raise my eyes to God.

25.  Slow down and relax.

26.  I see myself through Heaven’s eyes.

27.  I give this relationship to God and let it unfold perfectly in divine grace.

28.  I am filled with joy, divine energy and beauty. I am perfect.

29.  Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

30.  I love you. Please forgive me. I am sorry. Thank you.

I would love to hear from you after you have done a 30-day cycle. My email is James



Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


            I read an article about how one college’s students hates another college and its rival student body. This arises out of a sports rivalry spanning over one hundred years. My initial reaction was wondering how in the world we are going to have peace on this planet when even simple friendly sport competitions provokes hatred in the Bible belt. This is not merely a frivolous academic animosity; it breaks into violence from time to time. I observe with great compassion that there is something seriously ignorant and misguided if is this is what the institutions of higher learning are creating. It is rather obvious to anyone that looks that both sides to this emotional violence acts and behaves like mirror images of each other. When one side loses, the other side is “obnoxious or poor losers.”

            If one were to add family, ethnic and religious resentment to this emotional soup, it is no wonder that there is genocide occurring on this planet as I write this and you read it. I wonder if I am contributing to this suffering. If I believe the ancient wisdoms and teachings, if I can perceive it, I am creating it.

            When we say “I” followed by an emotion, we usually follow it with an object of that emotion. If we say “I love”, we usually direct that towards another person or idea, such as “I love you” or “I love America”. Similarly, when we say “I hate”, we direct that emotion towards someone or something, such as “I hate you” or “I hate intolerance.”

             The truth is there is no object for our emotion outside of us, because ancient wisdom states that all perception is projection. We perceive that there is something “out there” to project our emotions at, when it is only us projecting that emotion at us. In other words, when we say “I love you”, we mean “I love me.”  When we say, “I hate you”, we mean, “I hate me.” There is no “you”, there is only “me.” When we say, “I miss you,” we mean that “ I am missing me.” When we say, “I want/need you,” we mean “I want/need me.”

            We have to understand that what we project out into the world will manifest. When we get into the whole “I want…” manifestation illusion what we are projecting out into the world is our lack. When we buy into the “Secret of…” nonsense we are only creating more of what we are attempting to fill, i.e. unhappiness. Grace only comes to those with open and happy hearts, not to those who are trying to keep up with the Joneses. When we say, “I will not be happy until I have [fill in the blank]”, we project unhappiness and lack into the world. When we say “I don’t like [fill in the blank]”, we project rejection and denial into the world.

           The ultimate truth is there is no “you.” When we say, “I love you,” we mean “I am love.” When we say, “I hate you,” we mean “I am hate.” This, of course, is all an illusion that we create to make us realize that we are everything, there is nothing that is not us. The Muslims have a powerful prayer, “La ilaha ilallah,” which means, “There is nothing that is not God.”

            If we want peace, we have to apply it to our lives. It can’t start somewhere else; it has to start in our hearts. Whenever we think unkind or violent thoughts about someone or some situation, someone dies in a far away land on the other side of the planet. This is known in quantum physics and metaphysics as the “butterfly effect.” Thus, when a butterfly beats its wings in Japan, a hurricane is born in the Atlantic. Everything is connected, and to deny this is to live in ignorance. So when we think that someone is an “asshole,” this will have a very real consequence somewhere in our world and ultimately will come back to us, because we are really labeling ourselves with this epithet.

It would be so amazing if we stopped competing with each other and started cooperating instead. Peace might actually break out all around the planet.



Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


Today, I will create a masterpiece of precious thoughts. I will open my being to love. I will think about all the things I can be grateful for and remind myself how fortunate I am. I will give thoughts to the obstacles I have overcome and realize how strong I really am. I know that the power is always there within me.

Today, I will smile and help someone who is in need, or just give a loving hug. I will smile and look someone in their eyes and greet their sweet spirit. I will think with compassion about all the beings in this world who are experiencing suffering and pain. And I will remind myself that we are all connected – that we are all created by the same God. 

Today, I will look up at the sky and watch the clouds, the birds, the sun, the moon and planets– and see their ever-changing formations. Tonight I will watch the sky filled with sparkling diamonds. I will pause for a moment and be in awe.

Today. I will stop and listen to the bird outside who is singing a song for me. I will say thanks to the flowers and plants for brightening up my day. I will give thanks to Mother Earth for the nourishment and beauty she is providing.

Today. I will be aware of my breathing. I will feel my heart beat. I will pause for a moment and be grateful for the life God is offering me. I will be grateful for the incredible body I have and treat it like the fine instrument it is. I will think about what it enables me to do – hearing a child’s joyful laughter, feeling a loving touch on my shoulder, smelling a rose, tasting a salt tear running down towards my lips, or seeing the beauty of the sun rising over a crisp mountain top.

Today. I will pause for a moment and think about my friends. I will feel their love – and smile. I will give loving thoughts to my family. I will give thanks for all they have provided – including both the joys and the sorrows. I will cherish the joyful moments and know that the pains are lessons in disguise.

Today. I will not judge myself. I will give myself the same loving thoughts and compassion as I offer other people around me. I will not judge the people who may have hurt me– for they did not know better. And I will do my best in loving them for whom they really are deep within.

Today. I will not worry. Just for one day. I will focus instead on the loving presence of the power, force or being that created me and offer thanks.

Today. I will ask God to be of service. I will do the best I can in any activity I am engaged in. I will spend the day with an attitude of service and offer up the fruits of my labor. I will do my best to be in surrender and just let the day unfold.

Today. I will spend some time in silence. I will breathe deeply and clear my mind. I will smooth the ripples on the ocean of my mind and feel the peaceful love of God. He is there behind it all – always. I will close my eyes and breathe in his loving vibration – like soothing balm on sunburned skin. I will feel his love permeate my being until I have tears of joy in my eyes.

Today. I will let God’s love flow through me – in every little precious moment.

And tomorrow… is another precious today.