Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


            Anyone who has been on the spiritual path or seeking anything in this lifetime has probably heard the term “peeling the onion”. There are many possible interpretations to this metaphor. The onion is a vegetable that has layers of edible goodness that can be peeled, diced, sliced or julienned for baking, frying and sautéing. I happen to love onions. I digress, back to the metaphor. Getting to the root of our psyche and the causes for our emotional issues and mental traumas is often called “peeling the onion”. We peel away layer after layer of memories, perceptions and traumas to get to what mental health professionals call “core issues”. Core issues are thoughts, memories, or beliefs that color our perception of the world and create suffering. Often buried deep in our subconscious minds, we may not even be aware of these core issues. Many times they are only discoverable by the symptoms that surface into the conscious mind in the form of fears, phobias, prejudices and beliefs.

            There are as many different ways to peel the onion as there are therapists and patients. Peeling the onion can be specific to the person whose onion is being peeled, or it can be more general to help groups operate more efficiently and cohesively. Generally people start with what they know, and follow a path deeper into the core of their personality and belief systems until they find their core issues that are causing suffering in their lives. It could be a childhood event that took on distorted importance in their memories or a thought or belief that causes suffering.

            I want to suggest one way to peel the onion that can be beneficial to just about anyone that can be honest with themselves. We can lie to therapists and our friends because we don’t want to be rejected. We can’t lie to ourselves because we know at some point what the truth is. So as long as we don’t try the useless exercise of lying to ourselves, this works just fine.

            The first layer of the onion that needs to be peeled is the belief that we need someone to make us happy. A large part of the suffering I see among spiritual seekers is the angst of being with someone that is making them miserable or not being able to find that person that will “fulfill” them. We have to let go of the desire, the lust, or the need for someone else to make us happy. Let me be clear, this does not mean that we have to be a hermit or shun companionship and friends. It simply means that we need to let go of the feeling that something is wrong if that perfect “someone” isn’t living with us. Look at it this way, if we are peeling the onion to find out who we are, it is almost impossible to continue along this path if we are focused on people outside of us. To outsiders, they may not even know you have given up the need for a companion/soulmate. They may observe that you are a lot more relaxed and peaceful.

            The second layer of the onion that needs to be peeled is the belief that we are victims. We are not victims. Life does not happen to us. We are simply experiencing the end result of our decisions, thoughts and behavior prior to this moment. All we need to do is clean up our act and we will start enjoying life rather than suffer it.

            The next layer of the onion that needs to be peeled is our negative emotions. When negative emotions arise, and they will, we have to let go of them and not dwell on them. If we feel afraid, angry, jealous or other negative emotions, these are being caused by something deeper down and show us that we are on the right track. We have to sit with these emotions until we understand why we are feeling how we are feeling. The peeling process is simply the acknowledgement of the feeling and going deeper to the root cause. We do not resent the emotion; we do not fantasize about why we should feel this way, we simply say, “oh, I am angry. What is causing this?” and go look.

            The last layer to peel is judgment. Judgment causes most of our suffering. We judge something as good or bad, right or wrong, like or not like, and depending on how we judge it we either feel pain or pleasure. It is probably the hardest layer to peel, because it is the basis of who we are and how we perceive the world. If we let go of judgment, we don’t have to do anything, we just are. Once we let go of judgment, we will find ourselves in a very peaceful place. It is almost like we are floating on amrita and experiencing a joy we never thought possible. If you look at an onion, you will discover that when you peel away the last layer, there is nothing left. This is the perfect metaphor for your spiritual journey. When we let go of who we are, there is nothing left but the divine.

Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


           Perception drives everything. It defines our reality and determines how we will experience life. If we perceive the world as a scary place, it will be. If we perceive relationships with our self and others as difficult and painful they will be. It doesn’t matter what is really happening, how we perceive it is how it is for the individual. Underlying the perception is judgment. We decide and choose how we are going to perceive the world. This is the basis of the conclusion that we create our own reality. We perceive what we want to perceive. This all may be happening subconsciously and to the ordinary citizen life may seem to be random and chaotic. Life is neither; it is determined by how we perceive it.

            I read an interesting study the other day that reported that scientists have discovered that addictions are caused by environment, not by drugs. There was an experiment using rats decades ago where rats were given a choice between water and drug filled water. The rats apparently preferred the drug water. The conclusion was that drugs are inherently addicting. More recently, however, when the rats were given food, toys and room to play, they preferred the clean water. In another social experiment, Portugal decriminalized drug use. The money used to fight drugs was used to house and feed addicts. When people are taken out of stressful environments and placed into safe and nurturing environments, the majority of addicts voluntarily chose to stop using the drugs that they were “addicted” to. This is a huge shift in consciousness from victim (the drugs hooked me) to circumstantial (choosing to escape conditions). It goes to prove that we are making choices and judgments all the time either consciously or subconsciously that determine what we experience. This is why recovery programs have such a low percentage of success; as long as the addict continues in their perception of their condition they will be addicted to artificial ways to change their perception. That to me is proof that we are much more powerful than we believe, because we can control our perception one way or another. If all we have to do is change our perception to heal an addiction, then we are truly powerful.

            We see what we want to see. We can see the pile of garbage or the flower growing on the side. Or even both perhaps. We can see the good in people or the evil, or both. We can see the events in our lives as something we liked or we can be consumed by the events that we don’t like. The switch that determines whether we like what is happening or we don’t like what is happening is called judgment. When we can eliminate judgment from our lives we start to see life as it truly is from a detached and totally conscious viewpoint. We stop wanting things to be different, because what is the point? Without judgment, nothing is better than anything else. We stop reacting to life; we simply witness life. We cease experiencing anger, fear, rejection, and the host of other negative emotions that cause suffering. Everything simply is.

            It takes radical and rigorous honesty to be free of judgment. We have to admit to ourselves when we are being judgmental and stop it. Judgment is so deeply ingrained in our mental processes that it is like dandelion roots that keep growing back in the lawn of our thoughts. When we rid ourselves of judgment, all prejudices disappear and we can start to see people who they truly are. We start to see how others suffer because their judgments color their perception and we can have compassion because we know their suffering. Judgment affects everything, creating the perceptions of good/bad, right/wrong, and love/hate. When judgment is removed, all of those polar opposites disappear. This is the consciousness that will bring about huge change in the world and will allow groups to see other groups as they really are, not how prejudice and the resulting emotions color their perception.

            The bottom line is we have to examine what judgments are causing us to limit ourselves and prevent us from being happy. We have to dig deep under all of the rationalizations our psyches have built around our judgments that color our perception and create our reality.  Here is an example of how judgment alters perception that changes reality. If we believe/judge that events happen “to” us, we are in victim mode and we will be constantly afraid of what will happen next. We will be stressed and anxious about what can happen next. However, if we were to eliminate that judgment, or at least change the judgment to life happens “for” us, then we can relax, enjoy our lives and be happy. This is what we do to ourselves and we can easily change it to what we can do for ourselves. We are that powerful.

Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


            Edgar Allen Poe wrote a short story called “The Pit and The Pendulum” that was a classic horror story. It described a man who was tied down in a pit and forced to watch as a pendulum with a sharp blade descended upon his abdomen. Back and forth it went, lower and lower until…well, read the story and find out for your self. The relevance of this story is that we experience life in much the same way, on a pendulum that swings between pleasure and pain and life feels much like a roller coaster. We go through the highs of pleasure and then through the lows of pain. It is only an illusion of time that it seems that the pleasure is only momentary while the pain goes on forever. The truth is that it is only our perception that makes it this way.

            All of the self-help genre is finally getting on board with the notion that what happens is not as important as how we think about what happens. The irony of that is we can’t control what happens, but we can certainly control what we think about. Only the mentally ill or lazy would disagree. If you can focus for any amount of time on a thought, then you have the ability to control your thinking with enough practice and discipline. Obviously, we have to have the training and desire to control our thinking, and that is not a common thing. Only a small percentage of the population is willing to let go of victimhood, fantasy and delusion. It seems that everyone is hanging on to those deadly three concepts because that is how we are trained to think by those who profit from us thinking that way.

            The other relevance of Edgar Allen Poe’s story is that we torture ourselves by being addicted to pleasure and terrified of pain. The truth is it is all the same, it is only our programming that makes us think one is good and one is bad. A higher perspective would show us that we learn the most from what we think is pain and we stop growing when we wallow in pleasure. Life is about growth, evolution and enlightenment. If we stop growing, we die. So we might as well learn to excel at growth. Now I am not advocating self-inflicted pain. There seems to be enough pain to go around without looking for it. What I am saying is rise above the self-pity and be grateful for whatever you think is pleasure and whatever you think is pain.

            If one thinks about it, the most chaotic point on a pendulum is the bottom end that swings the furthest. There motion is constant, going between the best and the worst. With a small change of thinking, we can transcend the chaos up to the top of the pendulum. At the center, there is peace and calm. There is joy and equilibrium. At the center is the divine. The divine has been described as the limitless center of a circle with no circumference. To get there is not as hard as you may think.

            Sit comfortably and breathe deeply until you are completely relaxed. Empty your mind of worry and anxiety; the boundary of the divine is fear. If you let go of fear, the divine will reach out and embrace you. Imagine that you are looking at a soap bubble that is ginormous. You reach out and touch it. It is soft and slippery. Take a deep breath, and ask the divine to let you in. As you go through the membrane, you leave all of your limitations, your anxiety, your doubt, and your fear behind. You are nothing but pure love and joy. Once you are inside, you feel nothing but the pure energy of love. You float; because you are fully supported. Your body morphs into the body you have always wanted. Your thoughts are positive, joyful and grateful. There is no want, fear or lack. You are complete. As you get to the center of this huge soap bubble, your thoughts expand until they no longer exist. You are simply joy and happy now. And you stay there as long as you want. When you are ready, you can come back into your body, knowing how you are designed to be.

            This is the top of the pendulum of life. There is no pleasure or pain at the top, only joy and bliss. There is no worry, anxiety or fear, that all exists at the bottom of the pendulum and is the sharp blade that tortures us and then kills us. Where we live on this pendulum is our choice. Simply meditate on going through the membrane that is in reality the illusion of life. Find your truest self and escape the pit and the pendulum.


Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


            I receive a lot of emails from various self-improvement or spiritual development gurus and websites that contain messages of various ways to improve my life, my health, my relationships, my bank accounts or my enlightenment. There certainly is a lot of stuff out there competing for my attention and my dollars. I came to the realization that there must be a lot of people out there that don’t like what they are experiencing in order to manifest all of these people who are suggesting how to improve it.

            I have already written several articles about the trap of wanting something different or better in our lives. When we don’t like what we have, or focus on the fact that we lack something we only create suffering in our lives.  An entire industry has been manifested around manifestation, “the secret” to getting what we want or desire in our lives. These practices only serve to create short-term pleasure and rarely give us what we really want. The thing most of us really want is happiness, a way to enjoy every minute of every day, no matter what we are experiencing.

            I have decided that what I want is the gift of true awareness, which is one of the foundation stones for true happiness. I want to focus on what I have, not what I don’t have. So I am contemplating on what that means and how to give myself this gift of awareness. I am aware that truly enlightened beings are aware of everything at the same time. They are aware of their breathing, their thoughts, their actions and the same for everyone in the whole world, all at the same time. That kind of awareness is certainly overwhelming to the student on the path to enlightenment.

            Ancient wisdom insists that whenever I want life to be different, I am creating misery and suffering within myself. So the first step of the gift of awareness is to let go of the notion that what I am experiencing is not perfect. I do not need life to be different. If I were in the mode of thinking that life should be different, I would probably want my life to be different even if it was different. Wow, that is deep. In other words, when I have the habitual thought that my life should be different, I would always want my life to be different. So I have to change that habitual thinking pattern. The only way to do that is to stop wishing my life was different.

            So I started contemplating on how to stop wishing my life was different. After all, my mind has to have something to do. So I started looking for things that I could be grateful and happy about my life. The first thing that came to mind was the fact that I was breathing. I take that for granted most of the time. It is a really good thing that my breathing is a thoughtless, automatic process, because if I had to remember to breathe at all times my mind would not have anything else to worry about. I also started contemplating on the miracle of life itself. The options are not so good, I concluded. So being alive is something to be aware of, at all times, if possible. I was struck with true joy when I focused on the fact that I was alive. I don’t know why or how that happened, but I just threw my head back and belly laughed as I contemplated I was alive.

            Then as I started writing this article, I realized how fortunate I was that I could read and write. After all, there are millions of people on this planet that can’t do either of these things. I have a telephone, a computer, and a lot of material stuff that I really can do without, but that make my life easier. I realized that there are many things to like about my life and myself. I have to be aware of all of the many complex aspects of my life in order to be grateful for what I am.

            So I suddenly realized that the true gift of awareness is to focus on what I have, and to forget about what I don’t have. I decided that this year, instead of buying any new stuff, I would pull out all of my old stuff that I haven’t used in a while, wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper and put that under my tree. You should see all of the stuff I am getting for Christmas this year! Even though I am so blessed with abundance that I can go buy whatever I want, I am really excited because I have so much to unwrap for Christmas this year. I can also do this metaphorically with all of the gifts I have in the way of blessings of health, talents, friends, family etc. etc. I don’t have a room big enough for all of those gifts.

            So the true gift of awareness is to forget about getting anything new or different in my life. The true gift of awareness is to look at all of the many gifts I have. So now I have to start deleting all of these emails. I know that my life is changing constantly now; I do not need any magic secrets for that. 

Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


            I get numerous emails from people who are panicking about the future. They are worried that they won’t get what they want or they will lose what they have, whether it is a job, a mate, respect or serenity. The state of the world economy is a breeding ground for anxiety and turmoil. Great, isn’t it!

            The Dalai Lama proclaimed a few years ago that the world’s financial woes are the result of greed, selfishness and lack of integrity. He further announced that the lack of money is to teach us that happiness has nothing to do with money. Well, duh! The world has never been in a better place to allow people to grow emotionally and spiritually. The world has never been in a better place for people to learn how to love themselves and others more. The world has never done so much to teach us that our reality is only an illusion and we can change it anytime that we want. The only hurdle is that we have to change ourselves, how we think and how we react.

            I have been graced with many experiences with highly evolved beings that I call teachers. Sometimes this comes in the form of pleasant experiences such as energy transmissions that allow me to connect with my higher self (God) and feel an overwhelming peace and gratitude. Sometimes this comes in the form of unpleasantness that my higher self designed to shake me up and make me focus on what is important to me. I was reminded recently that many times we pray to God to help what feels like our foundations are being shaken to the core and we find out that it is God shaking the foundation! 

            Attitude has a lot to do with what we experience. I often meditate on the mantra “This is the best ever!” The mantra comes from an email that was circulating a few years ago that contained two fictional versions of a cat’s diary and a dog’s diary. It was a great metaphor for the differences in how people think.

            The Cat’s diary went something like this: “ Day 1034 of my captivity. I almost succeeded in killing my captor today by cleverly circling her feet as she walked down the stairs. She tripped and was seriously hurt but does not suspect I was trying to eliminate her.  My freedom was so close!  She is such an idiot…” and on and on.

            The Dog’s diary went something like this: “My master came home after being gone for two days. It was the best ever! He gave me some canned dog food while he ate steak. It was the best ever! We went for a walk for the first time in a week. It was the best ever!” You get the idea.

            We can react to life’s experiences as a victim or in gratitude. We can view life as a series of calamities or a series of blessings. The only difference in a disaster and a miracle is the person perceiving it. We view experiences as good or bad. They are neither. Experiences are neutral, how we perceive them make them good or bad. The truth is that there is no difference between good or bad, only how our ego perceives our experiences creates a difference.

            The greatest cause of suffering is our desire that our life be different. We don’t like what we have; the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The problem is that if we are trapped into a thinking pattern that we don’t like what we have, we will always think that no matter what we have because that is the way we have trained ourselves to think. If we train ourselves to think,  “this is the best ever,” it will always be so no matter what we have.

           We can think “I don’t have a mate/money/job so I am miserable.” We will always remain miserable, even if we get what we want because that is how we think. If we think “I don’t have a mate/money/job, this is the best ever” we will be happy no matter what happens.

           The reason panic sets in when we think we are miserable is because it is a physiological reaction to perceived threat. We feel threatened because we are not getting what we want when we want it. Conversely, we feel threatened because we think we are going to lose something we have. When we feel threatened, we stop breathing properly, if we breathe at all. Try it sometime, think of what life would be like if you lost everything you own. You probably would catch or hold your breath for a moment until you realize that it is just a thought. When we stop breathing, the brain begins to behave differently than when we breathe properly.

          When oxygen ceases to flow to the brain, the frontal lobe/cerebral cortex stops functioning. This is the center for reasoning and rational thought. When it shuts down, we start using the rear of the brain, the animal response center, otherwise known as the reptilian brain. There are only two responses available, fight or flight. That is why anger or fear arises when we think thoughts of victim consciousness.

          The solution for this is to breathe. When we inject oxygen back into our brain, our reasoning center turns back on and we can realize we have panicked over something that is not real. We can then consciously choose whether to be a victim or recognize the situation for the opportunity for happiness it brings. If we lose our job, we can either be a victim, like the metaphorical cat, or  we can say “this is the best ever,” like the metaphorical dog.  We can lie down and die or recognize that we have the opportunity to do something else for a living.

           It has been predicted that suicides will increase dramatically over the next several years. The news has been proving that prediction to be true. This is the ultimate result of victim consciousness. Suicides create so much karma that it would take hundreds of lifetimes to pay it off, and if the suicides knew that before they act they probably would stick around for the miracle. After all, too many people quit before the miracle happens.

           Another way to look at panic, anxiety or worry is to understand that it is our reaction to behavior contrary to our basic programming. We are born with certain instinctive traits sociologists can document through studies of small children. It is our natural instinct to share, to help others, and to play. When we get away from these behaviors, we have a built in alarm system that informs us that we have strayed from our basic programming. This alarm system takes the form of anxiety, worry and fear. So when you feel these feelings, simply understand that you are acting contrary to your human programming. When you do something on your computer that is contrary to it’s programming, you will get a large “ERROR” message. Your anxiety and fear is the same thing.

             When we feel like a victim or life is unfair, this is a message that we have to get back to our basic programming, which is to share, help others and play. When we do this the anxiety program will stop and we can get back to a happy life. So relax, no one gets out of here alive. How we live our lives determines how we live after we transition to our next experience. Do you want to go out as a victim or as someone who enjoyed their life no matter what? It makes a difference, not only in this life but also in our life after death. So remember, if you get what you want, “this is the best ever!”  If you don’t get what you want, “this is the best ever!”  It is all the same.


Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson

All Perception is Projection

All perception is projection is one of my favorite teachings of Derek O’Neill, a spiritual teacher from Ireland. It is one of those ultimate truths that apply to every facet of life. Sometimes it is so basic that I totally miss the true meaning of the teaching. It is the basic premise of the higher teaching that we create everything that we perceive for our own enlightenment. I had a great example of the operation of this teaching in action this winter.

In all of my travels this winter, I kept running into snow. As I child, I loved snow, primarily because I got to skip school and play in the snow. I did not have to travel or be responsible for anything; snow was the great escape from the discipline of school.  When I got older and became responsible for supporting myself and others, snow become more of a problem. I do not play much in snow anymore; I don’t participate in snow sports. Whenever it snowed, it was more of an inconvenience than anything else.

During the winter of 2010, I encountered snow in everywhere I went, including Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana. I spent November and part of December in Ireland and Scotland, and experienced one of the biggest travel snafus in their history. I was frustrated again and again as my travel plans were canceled or delayed by snow. As I originally wrote this article on Christmas day in the southeast, I watched it snow. It was one of the biggest winter storms in over sixty years to hit the Southeast on Christmas day. It was truly beautiful, and I was snowed in. The roads were deep in snow and I didn’t have a way to get out. So I was forced to stay still and meditate, contemplate and concentrate on the experiences of my life. As I did this, I begin to understand the teaching that all perception is projection. I have experienced snow in various ways this year. When it was not an inconvenience, it was truly beautiful. When it interfered with my travel plans, I had a different perception of snow.

Snow is snow. It is not good, bad, frustrating or anything other than snow. How I perceive it makes it good or bad, beautiful or a nuisance. It forces me to be still and come to the realization that this is what I do to everyone and everything in my life. I judge events, people, places and things based on whether they fit into my belief systems or not. If an event produces pleasure, it is a good event. If it produces fear and negative thoughts, it is a bad event. The event is just the event; I am in control of everything that happens after the event arises. I control whether I feel pleasure, I control whether I feel pain. It is all a function of my perception. I like snow when it doesn’t interfere with my plans. I don’t like snow when it interferes with my plans. The same can be said for people, events, thoughts, words, actions and everything else that makes up my life.

This brings me to the ultimate truth, and that is I am in control of everything I perceive. I create the snow. I create my reaction to the snow. I create the effect (“Karma”) of the snow. I can substitute any word for the word “snow” and I will get the reality of my life. How different my life could be if I truly realized that fact and applied the teaching of it in my life. It would not matter if it snowed or not. If I needed to be still, I would not have to manifest record-breaking winter storms, I would simply know it was time to be still and be still. I can be so stubborn sometimes.

Another realization is that people are just people. I judge them based on their ability to bring me pleasure or pain. The people who act the way I want them to act are my friends; the people who don’t act the way I want them to act are not. That is my loss, for putting people in boxes that they don’t belong in robs me of the opportunity to learn some important lessons from them. The irony is that they have nothing to do with my perception of them. I am in complete control of that aspect of our relationship.  This raises a whole new set of meditations for me, to understand what my motivation is for putting people in “friend” or “foe” categories. Like snow is only snow, people are themselves no matter how I perceive them.

So I have a resolution, to not to project my stuff onto other people. People are not friends or foes, they are just people. They are not good or evil, thin or fat, beautiful or ugly. They are just people. Ultimately, they are reflections of myself.  I want to stop judging them and start looking at myself more. Perhaps if I loved myself more I would not have to put labels on people (or myself). Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Spiritual and relationship expert, teacher, counselor, advisor, speaker, and writer James Gray Robinson


Recently a spiritual teacher and leader was calling on all “light workers” to pray for healing for the world and for an end to the world’s problems and strife so that love and happiness could rule supreme. This misunderstanding—that something is wrong with the world– is at the core of the issues challenging our reality at the moment. Not coincidentally, the world stock markets are plunging (again) and financial uncertainty is again at our doorstep. Financial doom and gloom are causing suffering all over the planet. It is my belief that it is the belief that something is wrong that is causing all of the suffering and misery so rampant around us.

Consciousness is a term often used by spiritual people but rarely understood. The simplest definition of consciousness is the manner in which we view the world. At the lowest form of consciousness, we are in survival mode, living from crisis to crisis. At the highest form of consciousness, also known as enlightenment, we realize that what we perceive is only an illusion and nothing is real. When we are enlightened, we know that we create our own reality.

The belief that something is wrong with the world is at the lower end of the scale of consciousness. When we are in survival mode, everything appears to be a threat and we constantly wish that the world would be different. We want love and harmony, peace and abundance to be available for everyone. What this rose-colored fantasy fails to consider is that without challenges and distress, we do not grow. All growth is painful and we have to take responsibility for our actions.

We blame governments, bankers and the rich for our economic woes. If you have a credit card and use it, then you are part of the problem. Try going off the grid for a while, canceling all bank accounts and pay everything with cash. Impossible for most people I would wager. However, if you have bank accounts, credit cards, a mortgage and charge accounts, then the only person you can blame for this financial mess is yourself. The only reason people have bank accounts and all the rest is for material gain. The big house, the big car, a spouse and lots of money are supposed to make you happy, but it doesn’t. It only contributes to the financial gluttony that is at the root of our financial upheaval.

The higher consciousness would recognize that we are only changing. Whether the change is good or bad is totally a matter of perception. Everything changes. We get older, we get sick, we get healthy, we get “it” or we don’t. When we view anything as bad or good, right or wrong we are experiencing a low level of consciousness. The only thing that is immortal is our awareness, our soul. It only seeks to join with God (however you perceive it).  We grieve the loss of others, pets, houses, money, youth and peace. What we forget is that we haven’t lost anything. It hasn’t gone anywhere. The great thing about this universe is that things do not go away, they change. If you are grieving anything, it is because you are at a lower level of consciousness and are afraid of change.

One of the most interesting aspects of human consciousness is that it changes as well. If we focus, we constantly raise our consciousness and start to enjoy happiness and clarity. If we are unfocused, our consciousness raises and lowers based upon our circumstances like a roller coaster. When we feel like life is a roller coaster ride, it is not life that is going up and down, it is our perception/consciousness that is going up and down.

So the world is a hugely dynamic place. Everything is changing all at once. This planet is where souls come to raise their consciousness at a very fast rate. Until we raise our consciousness to a height that recognizes that there is nothing wrong with the world, we will continue to suffer in lower consciousness. It is like we buy a ticket to ride on the roller coaster and then criticize the roller coaster for going up and down. Of course people are going to suffer and die. This is what we do on this planet until we realize it is all a game.

If we “should” do something, it would be to seek to connect with our awareness and raise our consciousness to enlightenment. It would probably surprise many people who are suffering because of failing bank balances to go to India and see the smiles on the faces of children who have never heard of Apple computers, cell phones or SUVs. Those smiles convince me that nothing is wrong with the planet. The only thing wrong is how we perceive it. If you have a big house and lots of rooms, start boarding homeless people. The world will sort itself out very quickly.

Rather than trying to fix the planet, we would accomplish far more if we were charitable, kind, forgiving and compassionate. Rather than criticizing anyone we would change the world if we let go of our fear and simply enjoyed what we are doing at the moment. Rather than comparing ourselves to others, if we accepted what is as a gift and be truly grateful then the world would become a wonder filled universe. There is nothing wrong with the world, it just is. There is nothing wrong with others; they just are a reflection of our perception. There is nothing wrong with us; we are simply here to be happy no matter what happens. If we focus on our own paths, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing.