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JamesAtWorkshop_webThought-provoking meets Inspiration.

Gray Robinson is famous for his Southern charm and wowing audiences with proven techniques, ancient wisdom & palpable healing energy. He is a successful radio show host, healer & business professional with a passion for empowering people to be their best.

Proven strategies and powerful techniques from deep experience and incredible wisdom that shift perspectives & spark major breakthroughs. More than just a ‘talk’, Gray interacts with audiences, delivering unique talks that include easy-to-learn tools and perspective-changing ideas that leave audiences inspired and transformed!


Talk Topics & Presentations

Have a specific goal in mind? Gray will happily customize speeches for your needs.  Here are his signature presentations along with some popular topics on a wide range of issues everybody faces that Gray is well-versed at talking about:


  • The Happiness Gene

  • Wellness, Consciousness, Enlightenment & Mastery, Southern Style

  • Enlightenment: Get ‘er done

  • A Southern Gentleman’s Guide to Bliss

  • How Big is Your But? Become Limitless

  • This is Not Your Mother’s Workshop

  • Consciousness: What They Don’t Teach You in College

  • Enlightened Executives Have More Fun & Make More Money

  • This is the Last Presentation You’ll Ever Need

  • Your New & Improved Life: DIY Spirituality

““I do more than speak. I work with energy in a very powerful way that ignites change in people. Whether I’m addressing a room of 200 or 10,000 listeners on my radio show, I’m sharing and working with energy in a unique way. I’m sharing proven, easy-to-use tools that help people transform literally every area of their life.” ”

— Gray Robinson


Abundance · Acceptance · Addiction · Aging · Alchemy · Anger · Anxiety/Stress · Be The Best You  Better Business · Career · Conscious Business · Conscious Living  · Creating a New Reality · Death · Developing Your Intuition · Ego  · Emotions · Empowerment · Enlightenment · Enlightened Executives  · Everything You Know is a Lie · Excellence ·  Family ·  Fear ·  Forgiveness ·  Leadership  Love  · Healing · How to Find God · How to Love Yourself More  · Igniting Change · High Magic Manifestation  · Mastering Your Emotions · Mastery · Meditation ·  Parenting Performance Enhancement · Relationships · Spirituality/Religion  · Success · Wealth & Prosperity · Wellness

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